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Stoptober: Be part of the challenge

Stoptober: Be part of the challenge

Stopping smoking can be easier if you have someone to share it with. This October, thousands of people will quit together as part of Stoptober - why not join them?

Stoptober can make you five times more likely to quit successfully.

Did you know that if you stop smoking for just 28 days, you are five times more likely to stop smoking forever? That is why Stoptober is so successful.

Together with your local stop smoking services, Stoptober can give you all the motivation, help and support you need to quit for good.

As well as coming on here to Quit Support, there is plenty of other help and support available to you.

If you live in England, you can sign up at smokefree.nhs.uk/Stoptober

You'll receive the following;

- Comprehensive quit pack full of helpful information

- Detailed step-by-step guide to quitting

- e-mails and texts to support you throughout the month

- a 28-day stop smoking app

- The feel-good spirit of thousands of people quitting with you

For those of you living outside of England, then please don't feel left out, join us here on Quit Support for the 28 day challenge.

Remember, it's not just the 1st of October - the 28 day challenge can start at any time you like, so if you don't quite stop tomorrow, there's always the next day :-)

Please let us know below if you are going to take part in Stoptober and we'll see that your name is added to our Stoptober 2014 Wall of Winners - the place where every quitter is a winner :-) No matter where you live ;-)

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Come on all you wannabe Winners, set your quit date for Stoptober here :) :)


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