Congratulations YellowSnowDrop!

Congratulations YellowSnowDrop!

Congratulations to the lovely Helen on reaching her first year of living a smokefree lifestyle! My, my where has the time gone?! It won't be long before you are enjoying another smokefree holiday travelling around Thailand :-)

Well done Helen, you have worked ever so hard towards this major milestone supporting others along the way!

:-) :-)

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  • Well done Helen, just think thats an average of not smoking 7.300 cigarettes. So yes you deserve a pat on the back.


  • Woooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooo Helen, Well done hun, you are amazing xx

  • Aw Helen a massive well done xx

  • Aw H well done a MASSOOOOOOSIVE WHOOFANTALISTICHOOOOOO to you :) That is quite an achievement and you are quite an extraordinary and inspirational woman. :)

    I am sooooo proud of you Helen, you've had a bit of a tough time and haven't given in, well done hun :)

  • Huge Congratulations Helen for your 1st anniversary, a massive milestone for you, well done :) Be very proud of yourself, it's just wonderful :) x

  • Hugs from Turkey xxxx HUGE love n thanx to all those who have been there for me in the past year (yep EmJay treasure,where HAS that gone??!!) Just been out for an amazing authentic Turkish dinner in Icmeler old town,loads of smokers around us,NOT tempted at all.Next year will be Hua Hin again so for anyone struggling with their nicotine demons,this time last year it was me and just look at where I am now,YOU CAN do this, be strong and focus on that goal,if you want it bad enough it's there to be grabbed with both hands,it's called choosing to live.xxxx HUGE HUGE HUGS TO ALL.Hel xxx was 32° today,tomorrow is forecast for 34 !!!!! Tool hot.

  • OOH enjoy your hols H, bit too hot for me (being ginger and freckly... ) :) -x-

  • Yipppppy flippin Dooooooo ''H'' A massive gigantic CONGRATULATIONS from monkyyyyy :) :) :)

    Helen, you sure do know how to enjoyyyyyyyy yourself gal :) :) huh, thought you might ave asked me to tag along with ya :P :D :D :D

    Take care H, am sending you some cooooooooling suncreaming massive HUGGS :) :) xx

  • Morning monky! How's it all going for you?

    So many badge catching expeditions!

    Hope you've got a good day planned, no too action packed. So glad you can administrate now in here too - bet even you don't know where you're snatching the time from, busy busy monky! Thank you :)

    Now my question for today is:

    How do you get the sunglasses face??? Used to know, but can't get it now :o

    Off for a quick walk before work now, still have to keep focused even after all this not smoking time.

    Wishing you a happy day xx

  • :8)

  • Thanks Jilly, but I'm still not getting the sunglasses icon :o :(

    It might just be the way my phone displays, or maybe doesn't, display it x

  • 8 - ) but close together.

    Have a lovely day Betts.

  • Thank you! You too!

    Going out into sunshine now 8-)


  • Huge congratulations Helen! Great that you are on holiday and can celebrate your fantastic achievement in style :)

    Thank you for all the support to me and others over the last year too x

    Lap up that sunshine 8) !!


  • Well done Helen, you have been there so much for me x

  • Absolutely fantastic Helen :) :) You are such an inspiration :) :) xxx

  • Well done Helen, Massive Achievement! 4 more days and I can have a shiny 'One Year Winner' badge too :)

  • Brilliant, well done :) xx

  • Well done YellowSnowDrop and a BIG thank you for your support too. Ray x

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