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Down in the dumps

Down in the dumps

Does anyone remember stig of the dump

A Sparrow’s Wing – a poem by Sue Savage

A little flurry of feathers

Is a tiny sparrow’s wing

The smallest, round of softness

But loved so by the King

He made the humble sparrow

Created by his love

He gave them trees to sit upon

He gave them skies above

He made the lark and nightingale

The eagle soaring high

But he sees the smallest sparrow

As it’s falling from the sky

A fragile sparrow’s heartbeat

He holds within his hands

He made the starry heavens

The seas hear his command

So when you see a sparrow

Observe with kindly eye

For the Father of creation

Will not pass a sparrow by.

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Hey Martin, I remember the programme stig of the dump.... but I don't think I have seen this poem before though so thanks :D


Hi ya Martin great to see you again pal :)

Love the poem :) hey, how long you been quit for now then ?


Sparrows always remind me of my early childhood, which was a happy carefree time. Lovely poem.


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