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thank you :-)

not sure how to "reply" to people. Anyway - I am using the inhilator a little bit and making myself something to eat - havent eaten properly since 2 ish. and I need a cup of tea.

also I have been allergic to grass and other things since pre-teens and had an inhalor (asthma) and that is what was frightening me most about smoking. I was smoking all the time except when asleep. I smoked most IN my house which was really stinking of smoke as well. But my wheezing was getting worse. I THINK it has improved a little. The only down-side is I need to go on a diet now because I have been eating all kinds of snacks - more than when I was smoking.

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Hi again Buttons :)

1stly, to reply to a comment like mine, just look underneath it and you will see a red box thing with reply in it, click on that and a bigger box will open, there you type your reply :) :)

As for your breathing, that should get a lot better over time, cos there are quite a few members on here who suffer with asthma and they have said how stopping smoking has helped them :) :)

As for you putting weight on, ermmm, I think most of us do during our quit, but please dont worry about that at the moment eh, just try to keep focused on your quit, lets get that sorted and out of the way, then we can concentrate on a diet for you eh :) :)

See's ya soon, Pete :)


I am going to see my g.p soon and ask him about my weight and other things. At the weekend I tried a relaxation cd - mindfulness.


Wayyyy Hayyyy Buttons you replied to me :) :)

Buttons, if you look at the top of the page in the green bit, you will see '' My Communities '' click on that and down to browse communities, click on that and there you will find a weight loss site, they may just be able to help you :) :)

I'm ever ever so sorry, but I have to go to bed now, cos I'm beat :o

Nite nite Buttons, just try to relax a bit and enjoy your smokefree life :) sweet dreams to you and have a lovely nights sleep :) :)

Speak again, Pete :)


Thanks Pete - my brother's name lol. I will look at that communities . I was on twitter but people don't tweet about not smoking I think. This is more exclusive perhaps. I have been watching eastenders so I will say good night and thank you .:-)


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