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Hi Everybody,

I just wanted to let you all know that I am away on my jollies on Tuesday 8) and will be (hopefully) sunning myself for the following 10 days :-)

However, I will be taking my ipad with me and so will be popping my head round the door as and when I can :-) Obviously this will be dependent on the availability of wifi, and of course the amount of slim and tonics and different coloured milks that I am hoping to be drinking ;-) Maintaining my professionalism (well, most of the time ;-) ) - I don't want to be popping on and slurring now do I?! :D :D

I have of course thought about you all and although you have each other, I don't want to leave you alone completely. Soooo, today I had a meeting today with Sarah, one of our community stop smoking advisors who will pop online to look out for you whilst I'm not around :-) Sarah has been an advisor on our Roy Castle Fag Ends team for a number of years now and (amongst being absolutely lovely) she brings a wealth of knowledge with her, and has a cracking sense of humour :-)

Please be patient though as Sarah tries to get her head around how Quit Support works. I'm sure that once she is a signed up member and finds her way around, she will pop on to say hello to you all :-)

Sarah is out and about quite a lot but will put some time in her diary to drop in for a cuppa, see what you have all been up to and to see if there are any questions etc that may need answering :-) - Having said this, I have let Sarah know how supportive you all are of each other, sharing each others experiences, answering each others questions etc and how welcoming you are to all new members. So, I am sure there won't be any worries or concerns.

Could I just ask that if you have any requests for a new Winner's Badge, could you please private message me? I promise to pick it up and action as soon as I can ;-)

Remembering that I care for you all heaps and want to you too all be successful in your quit attempt, no matter how many practise attempts it takes and how you go about it :-)

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Hi Emjay, just love the picture and wishing you a fabulous and relaxing holiday :) yes you are right about that new badge today, thanks for remembering :) you really are soooooooooh good:) Enjoy x


LOVE the pic EmJay.Totally jealous about your hol,HAVE A FAB TIME.Hugs as ever H x

P.s.I'm sure Sarah will be looked after in your absence.


Aup Emjay, great flippin pic gal, just loooooove it :) :) :)

I hope you have the most fab holiday ever gal, but please do one thing for me, just dont do tooooo much noddin when your sun bathing eh, cos dont want you to turn out like a burnt offering eh :D :D just nicely done would be nice :) :) :)

Hello Sarah, a big warm, massive welcome to this lovely site gal :) :) You will sooooon get to know us all, I'm Pete the quiet old boy :) there are some ermmmmm, rowdy ones on here, all Women as it happens :| :o :D :D :D but their a good old bunch :) :) well, most of the time eh :o :P :D :D Hope to see you soon Sarah :) :)

Rite am off for a nosey at the posts, see's ya all soon :) :)


Have a great holiday Emjay, you deserve it! And get plenty of fun and sun, not too much working eh!

Enjoy :)


Hi Emjay, hope you have a great, relaxing time - you deserve it. 8-) Where are you off to then - is it the Med or the Baltic? Whichever, make sure you put enough suntan lotion on - you don't want any burnt bits. :o :)


Hi Emjay have a fantabulous holiday and bring us back a stick of rock eh???? :D


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