Martin Speaks

Martin Speaks

I thought I'd better try to write something, We all know why were here, to give support to all those other poor souls who are battling nicotine addiction. Nicotine's a strange drug, it doesn't do much for you really but it gets under your skin. The cat pictures are by a lady called Angie Latham, and i find them by typing obscure searches into google and then looking at the images, this was my witches cat search.

Good luck everyone


PS My cats called Liquorice, but i think i'm the pet sometimes

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  • Hi Martin, I'm not a cat lover (come to think of it I'm not a great animal person at all) however there is something captivating about this and the last picture you posted........mmmm very strange

  • Hi Martin, absolutely love that picture very interesting and spooky at the same time :)

  • Well he actually looks a bit like my cat, he was a stray but decided to stay as he liked the hospitality :D maybe next time you could post a pic of liquorice :)

  • Love the pic.

    And of course you're not a cat owner.......

    Cats choose a human. You're very lucky to have been chosen by yours.

    Unlike a dog, who loves basically anything on two legs with the potential of dropping food at some stage, a cat is a far more discerning creature. Very aloof and self contained, when your cat shows you affection you feel like you've been blessed!

  • Love this thank you Marin we are all in this together and will all support one another x

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