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Happy holiday!


Morning everyone on this lovely quit site :)

Just found this little beauty flowering in my rockery :) Spurred on now to do some gentle gardening - great for keeping on the quit track 8-)

Whatever you are doing, have a great day, and feel very proud you wonderful people - what guts and grit, kicking nic out ain't easy, but were doing it!

PS hoping this picture comes up. If not, believe me, it is one gorgeous iris :)


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Good morning Betts and everyone, what a beautiful colour your little flower is. It's pretty nice here and sun keeps popping in and out of the clouds. 8 weeks for me today woohoo :) x

Betts in reply to Fresher

Wow Fresher! Huge congratulations! You are a star!

:) :)


Good afternoon Betts, Fresher and everybody :) :)

Betts, a lovely pic gal, I've got an iris like that in my fish pond, perhaps not quite as dark as your's though :)

Fresher, a massive great big well done to you gal, 8 weeks today Yippppppppy Dippppppy Dooooooo :) :) doing the happy bum wiggle dance for you and thats before I have a cannie eh :D :D

See's ya all soon :)


Thanks Betts and monkey, doing the bum wiggle too whilst patiently waiting for my new badge :) :)

Been doing a little celebratory jig for you in the garden, Fresher, got everything wiggling, no bother :o :)

Just come in for a cooldown.

Here's a badge to be going on with :)

When you tap it you have to imagine me singing to you, or maybe you prefer to sing your own little song :) :).

I'm singing 'Simply the Best' nice and loud for you 8-) The neighbours are loving it :o :D



That badge was very nice but didn't work, so here's another try, not quite a badge but hope it's OK!


Haha Betts that badge is the best yet and the song was amazing, thankyou xx

monkyAdministrator in reply to Fresher

Aup Fresher :) I have been informed that your new badge is on its way as wee speak, but it takes a bit longer to get the freshest of newest badges eh :o cos Emjay sends me off to find one in a big field seeee, then I have to tramp all over the field to pick the best one for you, then it has to go through a rigorous cleaning procedure to get rid of all the buggs and creepy crawlies cos your a Lady see and I know you Ladies dont like them sort of things eh :P :D :D

Then if Emjay's awake, she passes me the polish to polish it up :) :) but am afraid she's noddin at the mow :o as soon as she wakes up I will polish it for you :) :) I've tried nudging her a couple of times, but all I get is '' please go away '' !! cos she's a Lady see :| soooo, I've come on here out of the way eh :) :D :D


Hahaha aaaahhh Thank you very much Monky :) , I never realised they worked you so hard, but I will appreciate it all the more when I get it and polish it daily, honest :) :) x

monkyAdministrator in reply to Fresher

They wear us oldns out first gal :D :D :D

droopyJMarvellousness LTW

:D :D

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