Here we go

Here we go

Just waiting for our taxi to take us to Luton before our flight in the morning. Really looking forward to spending time with my whole family in Ireland. When we come home my youngest daughter is doing Ride The Night in London. 62 miles at night on a bicycle for 3 women's Cancer Charities. Between them her and her friends have raised ten thousand pounds this past year for Charity doing various things, including a naked calendar. I am proud of her and she is proud of me for becoming a non smoker.

I will be without wifi for most of the next week so will check in on my return to see how you are all doing.

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  • Safe journey and have a great time xx

  • Your daughter sounds like one AMAZING girl,I really hope her cycle ride goes well.You're very right to be proud of each other.Hope you have a fab time with the family.Hugs H x

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