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Soooo is everyone relaxing and full of chocolate and having a chilling drink for the extra day off tomorrow :). Things have been pretty hectic as usual but I just sat down and transferred my daily money into the cig money account and oh boy unbelievable what I have save since I bought my last packet 3 weeks last Thursday. The money I have wasted over the years ppffftt

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  • Hi Fresher

    I was actuallly thinking today that I could finish off Friday's bottle of wine this evening as there is no work tomorrow - wey hey!!!!! :)

    Oh lucky you - I've spent all my smoking money on birthdays' this month - so it has served me well because I would have been in a real state if I had still be smoking AND spending on birthdays - I am looking forward to seeing my smoking money still sitting in my bank account in May thought - it's a much easier month financially for me so that will be getting stashed into the savings for sure!

    Hey - you get your 4 week badge on Thursday then - excellent!!!! So that makes Briarwood, Mindermummy, me and you all within 1 week - that is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!

    So what are you going to spend your money on????????

    xxx :) :)

  • Haha I'm such a bad influence, get it drunk lol. Sadly no I bought my last packet then and had a couple a day then one a day, 9 cigs left in the pack. I'm determined not to touch that money even though I'm skint lol :)

  • Oh I'm sorry sweetie, I just got all excited then, so when is your actual stop day so we know when to get our dancing shoes on again? xx :) :)

  • Hey, Fresher, thats just flippin brillllllllll news gal :) :)

    Like our dearest Chrissie has mentioned, next week is a massive big week, cos you make it to your 4 weeks quit on Thursday :) :) Chrissie and mummy are 4 weeks quit tomorrow :) :) and i am 2 flippin Months quit tomorrow :) :)

    Soooooooo, its a big flippin week this week eh :) :) Hey, Guys and Gals, please let us know if your celebrating a quit win next week eh :) :) Come onnnnnnn, lets have a good time eh :) :) Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy your quit experience :)

  • Hey you, I thought you said you were 7 weeks tomorrow - I would have definitely mentioned that if I'd realised that you were 2 months tomorrow!!! Wey Hey Mr Monky!!!

    Wow I'm so impressed :) :) :) xx

  • Ermmmm, I quit on the 3rd March, ermmm, is my 1 brain cell letting me down again :o xx

  • Oh chick I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel bad - it was only because of what you said last night that hit me because I honestly would have mentioned you when I was talking about it before - sorry :) xx

  • HUH, typical flippin Woman, am flippin 8 weeks quit and your trying to make out am flippin 7 weeks quit :P :P :D :D :D

    Hmmmmm, I suppose I still love you though eh :o :D :D :D

  • I was only thinking what you actually told me last night when I asked you how you were doing - remember????? :)

  • Go to the Daily Chat from Saturday - it's in there :) xx

  • Dearest Chrissie, last night I was 7 weeks quit, :P as I am today :P butttttttttttttttt, tomorrow, I will be 8 weeks quit dearest :P :D :D

  • I'm definitely ducking out of this - last night you said you would be 7 week quit on Monday by your calculation - enough now, whatever you are is brilliant anyway, but it was you who said 7 weeks not me!

  • Is this your first row haha

  • :D :D :D

  • Sorry Fresher, I missed this one! Well yes I think that was our 1st tiff - but it's okay because I knew I was right - tee hee - ps don't tell him that :D :D :D xx

  • Of course not, and aren't we always :) x

  • Erm, Chrissie dearest, perhaps I 've got it wrong then, erm I quit on the 3rd March, which was a Monday :)

    No its 8 weeks for me tomorrow :)

    Yes I did say 7 weeks last night, I must have been p---t sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, my fault entirely young Lady :) :)

  • Well you'd better say pretty please to EmJay then :)

    Apology accepted :D :D :D

  • Thank you for excepting my apology :P :P :D :D :D

    Its time to flippin hide :o :D :D

  • Yup - go and sit in the naughty corner :) xx

  • I am in the naughty corner, as you can see :o :D :D


  • Haha well it's a minute for the year of your life, so think on and don't do it again lol :)

  • No mam :o

  • Ah bless, well he will be there all night if that is the case so shall we let him out to play now? xx :)

  • YEAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Hey Chrissie, ave I ever told you :o :P :D :D

    Let me out first, and I will tell you :) :)

  • Sorry Monky, I thought I'd let you out ages ago! Of course you can come out xx :) :) :) :) :)

  • Thank youuuuuuuuu, erm, dearestttttttttt :o :) :)

  • You're welcome - big hugs :) :) :) xx

  • Hmmmmm, I could quite easily get to like them hugs of yours ;) :D :D

  • :0 :) :)

  • Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha - nice one! xxx :) :) :)

  • Dearest Chrissie, I was 7 weeks quit last week, but, this week I will be 8 weeks quit dear :P :P :D :D :D

  • I officially quit 31st march so it's 3 weeks tomorrow :)and well done monkey, your shiny badge is due too :)

  • Oh my... so many posts.. Not sure where to say "hello" to you all.. :D

  • Rite, am off to water the pony sooooooo, I will be back shortly eh :o :) :)

  • (trying to catch up with the posts...) But yeah - the money saved. I am on to about €200 saved in the last 20 days not buying... Beggars belief how I managed to buy them in the first place! Haven't put anything aside as yet, but I will be treating myself at the end of the month. :D :D

  • I know what you mean Alli, I don't know how I ever afforded it but I am going to buY something with the proceeds as it would have all gone up in smoke ;)

  • Same here.. And we have to treat ourselves for all the "pain" we've been going through.. :D Think I might just buy clothes, badly needed... What about you?

  • Oh yeah, I'm with ya on the "pain" bit and "suffering" I might add :-D :-D :O

  • We shouldn't really say that - but it is feckin' hard. :O What have you treated yourself to Briar?

  • Well it's no walk in the park :O I'm saving for my hols next month, so it will be worth all the effort :)

  • Ladies am with you on this, cos like you say, quitting isnt a walk in the park, its flippin hard :o I know that myself !! but please please treat your selves to something nice eh :) :) and flippin Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy xx

  • Definitely - it's all a bit frustrating at the moment because I can't just now.. But I will.. ;)

  • I'm exactly the same sweetie - but I will do as soon as I can - can't wait !!! :) :) :) xx

  • So what are you going to treat yourself to then Monky? :) :) xx

  • Nice one. :) Be great to have a relaxing holiday with a few pounds on your pocket. :D

  • I don't think it will be relaxing with 2 little toddlers, probably need another holiday when I get back:-D

  • Well it will be an excuse to stay off the fags and save for another holiday.. :D :D But I'm sure you'll have fun if the kiddies are. :)

  • :-D

  • Alli, does this mean your standing there naked gal :o Oooooooooooooooooooo :D :D

  • Not quite - I'm primark all the way.. Next time I'll move up a notch.. :D :D (don't know what your next notch up would be) :D

  • :D :D :D

  • Naughty Monky, back in the box now :P

  • Not defending Monky - but we could all be sitting here buck naked...hahaha... :P

  • :-D

  • Hey, Alli, it aint warm enough for that yet gal, but we will see eh :o :D :D

  • Eh :O I hope not :P

  • hahaha... :O :D

  • yes mam :( :(

  • I will bid you all a lovely nights sleep, and lovely sweet dreams to go with it :) :) cos am noddin see, and I doooooooo need my beauty sleep, I tell ya :o

    See's ya tomorrow nity nite now :) :) xx

  • Sweet dreams Monky! :) xx

  • I think I'll head off too now, Danielle and I are watchng Men in Black - it has us in stitches :D :D :D

    So night night everyone and I'll see you tomorrow xxx :) :) :)

  • Lol I ended up missing all those posts, I'd been up since 5 am, had something to eat and a drink and crashed, was in bed for 10, that's so not me. Yes Alli definitely going to teat myself to something, not decided what yet just watching it grow and doing my best not to use it for boring things like bills and food haha.:)

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