Yesterday i joined a local walking group and i wished i'd joined sooner. We did an 8 mile walk around the Wentworth follies and i have to say i enjoyed it immensely. The group were so friendly and as i chatted to everyone during the walk, time flew by !!!!!!!!!! I am so looking forward to the future walks. I recommend to anyone quitting to join a local group as its a fantastic experience. I did forget my camera but next time i'll take it.

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  • Good morning Lanemorph, So pleased you found your walking group. Its great you did 8 mile. Well done. xxx

  • Thanks Jillygirl. It is so good to walk with others and be out in the fresh air. Mind, i did ask what catergory the walk fell in to and was told ... Easy. I dread to think what Hard is lol. Still, i'll soldier on regardless. At least there is no one blowing smoke in my face. x

  • That's great, well done to you. It's great when you find d new hobby that is good for you and you actually enjoy it for a number of reasons. Especially the socialising aspect of it too!

    Brilliant :-)

  • Thanks EmJay. Its free, it's healthy and i'd recommend it to anyone. So many benefits in being a non- smoker

  • Thats great news gal :) :) 8 miles for you first walk, I'm well impressed :) and I'm so happy that you enjoyed it too, not just keeping your mind off the ciggies, but socialising and breathing in all that fresh air too :) :)

    Hey, you'll be off back - packing before you know it gal :D :D

  • Very impressed could do with something around here like that, my poor hubby seems to have to do everything with me at the moment feel for him x

  • Look up walking groups in your area. They are all over the country so i should imagine there will be one in your area. There were quite a few near me. I chose the one that didn't have too many demands on what to wear and too many rules. I did buy walking boots as i only had walking shoes but, when i met the others they said it was unnecessary.I'm glad i did get them though because i had better ankle support and when it rains they will be a lot better.To be honest, i saw an advert on tv, Aldi was selling walking equipment, and i got the boots for £16 and 2 walking poles for £5 each!!!! Go for it. The hardest step is the first.Once you make contact and do it, you wont regret it. x

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