I'm still about :)

Hi all and huge welcome to the many newbies :)

Just thought I'd drop in and say hi. I have been checking all your posts but have felt unable to contribute. Things have been pretty tough and sad for me lately but I'm pleased to report I'm still smoke free. I have to admit I thought of buying a pack 'for emergencies' the other day.....it was a really rough day......but I held off.

Sorry for being a wet blanket. Love and miss you all. You're doing great xxx

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  • Hi Mardi, Lovely to hear from you. Sorry your still having problems. However BIG well done on staying smoke free.

    You come on here and moan as many times as you like. We love to hear from you. xx :) :)

  • Thanks Jill xxx

  • Hi mardi, fab to hear from you. Haven't been on much myself but like you I have stayed smoke free... I just think he might have broken my heart ... But he isn't having my lungs too!! You take good care Hun. Here if you need me xx

  • That's how I'm feeling too al... And likewise I'm here for you too xxx

  • Mardi flower,

    You're NEVER ever a wet blanket.We all understand what a rough time you've been having & to cope without a cig is pretty amazing. Just take care of yourself and let us know how things go.Hugs always.Helen x

  • Thanks helen xxx

  • Aup Mardi, its so so lovely to hear from you again gal :) :) AND still smoke free too, flippin massive WHOOOOOOPY FLIPPIN DOOOOOOOPY DOOOOOOO to ya :) :)

    Mardi, I bow down to you gal, and never ever are you a wet flippin blanket, you get that right out a your head now, got it :) am sending you some DRY warm blanket huggs to ya, hmmmm, not sure whether they will fit through the keyhole, so if ya want them gal, you will have to leave a window open a little bit eh :D :D

    Mardi, you are one hell of a Lady and I admire you :) :) I just hope things will settle down to something normal for you very soon gal :) :)

    Love and miss you morererererererererer than you do, see xxxxx

  • Aww thanks pete.....you made me cry happy tears. Thanks for the dry warm blankets....xxxx

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