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Thanks to U all for ur great support so far and its only been 2wks :) I finding bein able to hve a chat really helps alot too:) will hve to speak to my gp and my support nurse about the patches as mayb these will not b the best treatment for me will defo b still using the gum and mayb try smt else to help along wit it but wat I dnt no wat else will help me aswell. Hve bn able to save money as well in these two wks which is great and will be goin towards my girlie hols in may :) x

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Aup Joe, its lovely to see's ya again gal and doing sooooo well tooooooo :) :)

I see your having trouble with the patches !! well, I've tried all the different patches, and the one I found best for me was the 16hr clear patch, these still left a red mark, but it didn't hurt, it just itched :o this only lasted a few days, then my body must have got used to them :)

Erm, perhaps try the inhalator, this is like a little plastic ciggie that you put cartridges into :) I use this when I'm at home, cos ermmmmmm, I like a drink a lager see :| and well, the gum and the lozenges just don't goooooo with lager gal :( You can get different strength cartridges to put in them too :)

Hey Joe, you flippin stick at it gal, cos your doing ever so well :) you just look forwards to your Girlie hols with loads a spending money :)

Speak soon, Pete :) x


Hi Jo,

well done for getting to 2 weeks, i am on the ecig with the liquid in it, and i find i havent really thought to much about a real one, and i am loving the savings too......nearly time for another shopping trip for me I think :) x


Well done on your 2 weeks Jo.The girlie hol sounds like a fab way to celebrate your success.More cash to spend on other things as well.Keep going,you're a superstar.H


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