still goin

Well nearly hittin the two week mark without smoking and that included two weekend nights out hving a drink! amazed at myself :) and having being doin it the past two days without patches as i seemed to have taken a allergic reaction to them and have a few very angry red marks on my person :( so jus using the gum and hve only had two pieces today so far , hopefully getting sorted tomorrow wit a diff patch and see how it goes :)

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  • That's really good, you're doing well. I used patches years ago. They did the same to me, you'd have thought the manufacturers would have developed a way round that problem by now, they charge enough for them.

  • Well done jo,keep on trucking and the days will fly by :) :) ,and before you know you're gunna have a badge against your name :). Xx speak soon N ick

  • well done. its amazing how well your doing !

  • Well done Jo your doing brilliant and managing a couple of nights out drinking so early on that is no mean feat.

    Yes same here got a rash from the patches ended up going cold turkey which worked for me but there are a few different patches so hopefully a different brand will work for you or maybe all your need is the gum x

  • Wow Jo that is fantastic, you are doing really reallly well - especially as you had night's out during this time - a massive well done too you! I actuallly had the same experience with patches at one time - in fact I happen to be at the GPs for somethings else and I showed him. He told me it was a massive reaction to the nicotine and made me stop using them. I did try different brands but they did the same thing. I was so disappointed! Anyway you seem to be doing so well using the gum so well done and I'm so looking forward to getting to the 2 weeks point! :)

  • Hey Jo thats awesome hun :) not sure i could have done my quit on just gum!


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