Well my asthma nurse was really pleased with me today in my review. My lung capacity has increased 40cl since I stopped smoking 3 months ago today! (please note Emjay ;-) ). Told her about this brilliant forum and how brilliant that you have all been with your support and encouragement. There is always someone on here to help you along on a difficult day or to offer advice. My nurse was about to have a team meeting so was going to tell them all about you lovely lot. Thanks for being there when it really mattered xx

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  • Well done Lawnranger, Its amazing how your lungs improve in such a short time. Thanks for giving quit support a good name. Take care. xx

  • Ranger, thats what we do on here, ( as I sit here holding my head and nose up high ) :D :D :D

    Thats just flippin ACE gal, so that proves that your lungs do repair in time eh :) :) and a massive well done to you :) 3 Months now then :) like you say, Emjay, Emjay, a new flippin badge wanted please !!!!! Hmmmm, I bet she's flippin noddin :o AGAIN !! :D :D

    Well Ranger, I reckon you've done it gal :) I know its been hard for you, but I also know its been worth it :) I expect you can plant another 10 tree's now, before you have to have a sit down eh :D

    You take care now ranger, and please dont be a stranger on here :)

    Pete :) xx

  • Yay well done Ranger! Bet if feel so good to know you are really doing something amazing. 3 months is amazing

  • brilliant well done healthy future here you come :-)

  • Thank you everyone x

  • Thats amazing hun, guess it makes it all worth while when you see results like that :) and 3 months ...woohoooo x

  • Fantastic news! Happy lungs :)

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