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My Ecig has now been retired for 2 weeks HOORAH !!!

It's strange really coz despite the fact that I was using nicotine free cartridges I wasn't quite ready to get rid of my ECig(my comfort blanket!!) however on Friday it eventualy retired to my dining room cupboard where it will stay.Cheating a bit really with the time spent in hospital when I couldn't have smoked even if I wanted to but it's just good to know that maybe just maybe I have this nicotine thing beat. Have a happy Sunday all. H x

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Well done x My friend snatched a lollipop stick out of my hand last night as apparently I was holding it like a cigarette...I hadn't realised. Your comfort blanket was just enough to get you through and has now served its job, well done x

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Wow Well done you, how are you managing without it? I am just starting my journey with mine, but hoping to be nicotine free by July. Then i just have to give up the hand to mouth habit!! x


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