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Hiya, in case anyone was wondering, I haven't started smoking again and disappeared, my internet connection and landline died and have only been able to get it fixed this week, so a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! Hope you all had a reasonable if not happy time over the holidays. Well 4 months for me on 29th December, strange don't think I'll ever go back now but still want them as much as ever, suppose this will fade eventually! I sure do hope so! Well that it off now to a quiz night, actually could do with a bath and early bed but my mates will disappear back to Ireland soon so will have to make the most of them. Bi for now, hope you are all great and happy> XXX

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I was wondering where you were my friend.Happy New Year to you.Where has that 4 months gone ? Seems like only yesterday that it was a couple of weeks and REALLY hard going.I know what you mean about never going back but still wanting them, I kinda feel the same way but just not all the time anymore.HUGE congrats on such an epic quit,stay strong,the wanting a cig is just your mind playing nasty tricks,it will get better.Hugs as always. H


Hey Friez, its great to see ya back, and still smoke free :) :) Yes a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you tooooooooo :)

Yes Friez, I think a lot of us would still like a ciggie, I think that is just habbit !! cos you just think how long you had been smoking for :o you had that habit for :o So I suspect it will go with in time eh, you have to just get used to your new smoke free life, and flippin enjoy it :) :)

Have a great night with your mates :) and see ya soon, Pete :)


Well done! I'm a bit of a newby but i'm celebrating been smoke free for a week today. It's early days yet but I really thing i've cracked it. I've half heartedly stopped before but this time seems very different, lets hope so. :-)


Happy New Year Friezfriend and bestest of wishes for a completely smokefree 2014 :D :D

I shall award you with your 4 months award badge in a mo, so you are very well deservedly recognised :D

I hope you and your friends enjoyed (and won!) your quiz night :-)

Good to see you back!


Hiya, Nice to hear from you all, well done Naburn that is a damn fine start:). No Emjay given that we are allegedly a bright bunch with a few high flyers in the team, we were absolutely abysmally embarrased, we are never so clever as we think we are. Hee hee. Twas embarrasing but nevertheless good fun. Thanks for my badge, I am chuffed with that. :)


Hya Friez. That's a long time to be without t'internet. We were cut off on Wednesday from about 11 in the morning til 10 at night. Was getting seriously stressed by 8.00pm. Don't know what I'd do if it was broke for weeks. Haha, I think I am possibly slightly more addicted to the internet than to nicotine. Still had internet on my phone tho. Glad to hear you're still not smoking, that's good.


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