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Evening everyone, Yes I would like to know what the 52 week challenge is too !! ;-)

I also do the pressups against the wall, but not since before Christmas, so must join you and start from tomorrow !! Ooooo it hurts thinking about it :-( :-0

Have bought e-cig refills today and reduced nic level down to 11 :-) and next time I go that's in 2 weeks time, I will be dropping down to level 6, and then to level 0 nic, :-).

And that's when I will be a true None Smoker, :-P :-*

Hope everyone had a good stress free day, and staying possative. xx

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Hey Sunny, thats great news gal :) :) thats the way to go, just keep cutting down gradually, at your own pace :)

I'm just trying to find out about this 52 week challenge thingyyyyyy :o I might have a go at that mi sen :P :P :D :D


Hya, do you mean the post that I put on about the 52 week challenge monky? Not sure if you do but here goes... You save £1 the first week of January then the second week of Jan you save £2 to add to your £1 so you now have £3 then in week three you save £3 making £6 saved you go up one pound a week so the last week of December you're up to week 52 and will have saved just short of £1,400 I did it this year, it was great, I got used to putting it away. I used to take it out of my housekeeping money and used to joke that in January we were having fillet steak and by December we were eating beans on toast for tea :-)

Sue :-)


Thanks Sue for letting us know about the 52 week challenge :) that sounds flippin great gal, loads a money just when you need it eh :) :)

If you holiday in July, say, then you could start the 52 week challenge in July for next years holiday eh :) and have loads a money to spend on your jols :) :)

Thank you again Sue for getting back to us and explaining it :) x

Speak soon, Pete :)


You're very welcome :-) yes of course, you could start it whenever you like, it's a great way to save, a real challenge, you feel a great deal of satisfaction when you've completed it. I've seen a couple of people wondering about the 52 week challenge but was it from a post that I put on? I tried to explain it on there but maybe not well enough and that's why I've tried to put it a bit plainer on here. It took me a bit of time to take it in at first. :-) good luck xx


Look Sue, I'm an old boy with 1 flippin brain cell, and thats on a good day, I tell ya :| and I understud it perfectly :) :)

Sooooooo, if anybody dosnt understand it, they must be a lot older or dimmer than I am :o :D :D

Take care Sue, nite nite to ya, cos ave got to get to bed now, to get my beauty sleep and boyyyyyyyy do I need it :o see ya soon, Pete :) x


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