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Lets show water some love;

Lets show water some love;

I've just come across a great little animation about how good water is for you so thought I would share :-)

Drinking a pint water is a great way of filling you up when you find yourself wanting to snack on something in replacement of having a cigarette. I know I should make a bit more effort in drinking more of it.

Anyways, here's the clip;


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Good advice Emjay. I know the hospital told me to drink at least 4 pints of water a day if possible. I am the same and must force myself to get into the drinking water habit. :)


I drink 4 glasses of water every morning when I wake up. It's the only way I can do it during the colder months of the year. Also, the amount of water one needs to drink does depend on the size of the person as well. So I've read.

Great animation EmJay.


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