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Can i use Niquitin clear patches if i want to cut down before completely stopping smoking?

I started on Niquitin patches a few months ago and used the pre-quit ones and was going to go on to the niquitin clear patches to stop smoking completely but had a set back and stopped the patches.I am now eager to try again but have only the Niquitin clear patches ,on the leaflet it says you can use them if you want to cut down first so if thats the case why do people use the pre-quit ones? i am a little confused.do i have to start on the pre-quit patches to cut down then on a quit date start on niquitin clear or can i use the clear patches for a couple of weeks to cut down then carry on using them on quit date?

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Hi Bev1958, welcome aboard to our online stop smoking community, Quit Support :-)

Good to hear that you are now ready to plan to stop smoking again :-) One of the things that I always say is not to look at any past quit experiences as a failed attempt, but see them as a practice run for the real thing :-) Think about what worked well for you the last time and what you think was quite challenging. If any similar setbacks happen again, think about how you can deal with them differently this time :-)

Planning and preparation is key to becoming a long term quitter.

Yes, you are okay to use the Niquitin clear patches that you already have to start your 'countdown to quit' journey. Just check that they are still in date - they do usually have quite a good date on them.

With regards to your question around 'why' people use the pre-quit branded patches, my personal opinion is that having a product on the market that is labelled as a 'pre-product' to quitting may encourage more people to want to give up after learning that they are 'allowed' to cut down first. This is something that many smokers quite often try to do before reaching their chosen quit date. The danger with cutting down first is that the fewer cigarettes that the smoker smokes, are inhaled on much more deeply - this is then putting their health at further risk. So this is something to consider.

On a positive, once a smoker realises that they have cut down - say from 30 a day to 20, 15 or even less - then their belief in themselves grows and this quite often leads them to be able to brave up and look forward to their quit date.

The important thing is to make a plan, stick to it and stay positive :-)

We are happy to support you in whatever path you choose to take. Just keep up posted and remember that you can do it! :-)


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