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Thank You

Just to say a big thank you to everyone for all your support, I really appreciate it. I'm not that brave as i have tried many times to quit before and failed, but i think that failed is the wrong word. Its a very tough ask to quit as it permeates your whole life. The biggest challenge i had was the smoke-shed at work, but i just went out and had a cofee and a rant (lol) and no one even noticed i wasnt smoking! so keep going and keep helping others.


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Hi Martin

It is common for people to have a number of attempts before they finally manage to quit for good, think of it more as practice along the way. Each attempt teaches us something about what we need to tackle to make the change permanent . It's like anything in life, we learn by experience and in the end wisdom wins out. Don't give up giving up, in the end you will win.



thanks eye, im struggling like mad at the moment, im clutching my e-ciggy, which is still in its packet as i know this will set me back, i'll be ok


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