Gremlin Days

Hello fellow quitters, do you find that you are beginning to get in to the swing of this and then suddenly get hit by a bad day? I'm beginning to wonder if it's something to do with the moon! Saying that, there are grim things going on in the background, times when I would normally be smoking like a trooper. I know some of you have faced these times :( could you remind me how you kept on trucking please, I need some help today. :( Sorry to be a misery..

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  • How about going in the spare room and having a shout and scream and tell those pesky cravings to go away cos you don't do that any more. I found it really helped. ;-) :D :D

  • Thanks I didn't scream but did have a good cry, feel a bit better now thanks. I'' save the shouting for my computer which keeps crashing!

  • Hi Friezfriend,

    what you describe is absolutely normal and is usually linked to behavioural 'cues' which in the past would have resulted in reaching for a cigarette. So....the first thing is, don't beat yourself up about happens...second thing....its a sign of how far you have come that you have not succumbed to Mr Nic's calling .....think back to a few months ago, you probably wouldn't have thought twice about having that cigarette.

    This is a hard part of becoming smokefree longterm. Go back to thinking about your original reasons for wanting to quit and reaffirm your belief that its where you want to be now and in the future. Think of all the positive things you feel since you quit like food tasting better....having more money in your pocket etc and that list should keep bringing you back to focussing on how much better you feel.

    Do something physical to get those endorphins flowing to get you over the bad time, try those breathing exercises which Emjay has posted on the site.

    Remember, all things must pass and so will this feeling. Hope this helps.


  • Thanks Eye, feeling a bit more in control now, I'm being silly really, it's bound to be tough sometimes, ok chin up and carry on! Yes you are right I hadn't thought about it like that I wouldn't have thought twice and now I am so that has to be a good thing. Think I'll go and have a hot shower and pamper myself for a bit. I hope you enjoyed your holiday. Thanks

  • Pampering is an excellent idea. Got to be kind to ourselves.

    Holiday was lovely thanks

  • I'm glad you're feeling a bit better Friezfriend & please please remember to be kind to yourself.Not everyday is easy (we all know that) & just when you're patting yourself on the back thinking all is well then something always comes along which makes you want to reach for a ciggie (just had to correct the ciggie bit as my autotext put it in as doggie !!) It's always going to be a battle not to smoke and just think how well you're doing getting to where you are.You've come miles too far to turn back to the 'dark side' now & sometimes bit of a cry/shout is all it takes.You CAN do this & just remember W.H.Smith's are probably charging £10 for 20 by now :) Take heart friend and all will be better tomorrow.

  • Yeah - good point "dark side" - like that!!! Nothing wrong with "doggie" though: whoof whoof



  • Grim things in the background. I read a book recently, can't remember what book, something to do with being happy. Anyway it talked about worry. Worry is something we all do, and when you think about it, its completely useless. It doesn't change anything, it doesn't stop things happening, it doesn't make things better, etc. They suggested that you have an imaginary PA. Whenever you have a worry that just keeps nagging at you, pass it on to your worry PA. She'll look after your worry for you, she'll sit there and worry, worry, worry on your behalf while you get on with stuff you can actually do something about. Sounds silly but it does actually work.

  • No I like that idea sin. You are absolutely right about worry , it's the most useless activity known to man, won't change the past and won't impact on the future other than filling your head with unhelpful stuff when you could be planning the way ahead.

  • My friend died yesterday, I knew she was losing her fight but didn't want to put it up, it seemed a bit previous,it is so very sad. Life throws this stuff at us. There is some great advice on here today thank you. I'm going to think of her reaction, she never smoked, drank excessively and apart from her cancer was healthy, i know that sounds weird, Proabably going to go off piste for a few days. But thanks guys you got me through yesterday which was grim. I will not go back, and thanks.xx

  • Oh I am so sorry to hear that Friez, so sad loosing a good friend. Always here if you need us.

  • Sorry to hear you are weathering a storm right now. Some days you're the pigeon, and some days you're the statue... today you may be feeling like the statue but hopefully life will rebalance itself, you will pick yourself up and you will find yourself feeling stronger on your feet. Believe in yourself because we all believe in you! Sending you big hugs and much strength.

  • Hello

    Just did a post but when I re-read it - it did sound like a was being a bit (very!!) dictatorial - so deleted it !! SORRY again !!! Think I am talking to myself more than anyone in these posts because I just do not want to start smoking again - never quite know which form of attack I am under these days !! BeeL saw your posts which calmed me down - so thanks.

    Best wishes to you Friezfriend it is so difficult when something like this happens. Prayers to you & your friend.

    Pete - thanks for your post yesterday & encouragement - looks like you are doing really well so you also keep up the good work - maybe we get to chat soon.

    Have a great weekend everyone & back soon.



  • Hi Jonathan

    Happy weekend to you too

  • Reading through everyone's messages life is hard and throws curve balls at us especially when we feel like we can't cope, I'm now training my mind to say I can cope without nicotine I don't need it don't want it why do I want to go backwards. it is getting easier and easier, keep your head held high, just a tip now that it's getting colder, grab your jacket give it a good wash with a nice smell to it and go for a walk. It's amazing that clean smell. Hope all this made sense so much I would like to say I feel great

    Have a great weekend everyone

  • Hi Miracle 123

    "Yes" this makes sense to me & good for you.

    I am with you .... best wishes



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