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Struggling throughout Stoptober?

Struggling throughout Stoptober?

Good Morning Everyone,

The middle of the week has arrived and it looks as though many of those taking part in this year's Stoptober campaign are starting to feel the brunt of it.

If you are one of the Stoptober Quitters and feeling this way, remember that it is normal and all part of the stop smoking process. Your body is showing you that it is recognising that you are no longer feeding it all those poisonous chemicals and that you actually mean business :D

I cannot stress enough the importance of staying positive, even if it means to just try to be positive through your next craving. It really will help. Think about how the craving is leaving you feeling, where in your body you can feel it most - is it in your mind, is it in your tummy etc Practice your breathing technique and send those cravings packing :-)

You are a lot stronger than you think, you just have to believe it, believe in yourself 'cos we do :D

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Just wanted to maybe say to those who are in the midst of Stoptober that it absolutely DOES get easier. I'm still fairly new (into week 5 now) but those first two weeks are the hardest weeks in the world, if you manage those then you're well on your way I PROMISE.Just take it all day by day and before you know it you're onto week 4 or 5, still getting the odd craving but nothing like in the very early days.GOOD LUCK and like EmJay says just believe and anything is possible.


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