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Had my first proper sleep last night since I stopped, I had turned nocturnal, but things seem to be improving a little. Like the others I had very disturbing dreams at first but that seems to have gone, last night I just had a pleasant 'story' dream that I didn't want to wake up from. Whew, at last...... I've noticed my teeth are looking whiter and my skin is looking pinker, all steps in the right direction. Have a good day everyone. :)

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Aup F, thats great news that you had a good nights kip, cos I tell you, it helps to get through :)

Yes your teeth will look whiter, and skin look pinker, what about your hair ??, what about your smell ?? can you smell more now :) Keep positive, cos your going places :)


My hair, I don't have to wash it as often (great) my sense of smell is amazing now. Yup feel like a woman as Shania Twain says!


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