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Does anybody use their local stop smoking service, or would like to?

If you attend your lcal NHS stop smoking service you are four times more likely to stop smoking and stay stopped.

You may also be entitled to free NRT (Nicotine Repacement Therapy) or just at the cost of a prescription.

I'm trying to ensure that we have details of as many of the local stop smoking services as possible. So, if you attend yours and would like to give it the thumbs up pease feel free to shout out here, or send me a private message of their details and I'll ensure that they are displayed in our 'Local Support' category.

If you would like to know what is available in yor area, send me just your postcode in a private message and I'll let you knw the details :D

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Can't work out how to private message you??


I asked for help from them 3 weeks ago and never heard anything back, so my doctor gave me a prescription for patches whilst I wait for contact and I'm starting out on my own. Bit disappointed really,


Are they the same as Fagends? If yes, then I can heartly reccommend Fagends at Green Lane Pharmacy (Tuebrook end of Green Lane) which has a session on Saturday mornings (10am - 11.45) - it's soo handy for me because I work throughout the week and was struggling to find a meeting close to where I live after 6pm on a week day. The people there are very friendly and encouraging.


Each local NHS service is provided locally. FagEnds is the service provided by Roy Castle Foundation to the people of Liverpool.

Thanks for your lovely comments Mizpah, I will make sure they are passed onto the team.....like successful non smokers they thrive on praise ;)



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