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This poem was one I found a while ago. which I thought would be a good one to open poets corner. :)

Quitting Smoking

I feel a little desperate

A smoke is what I seek

It's been three days

I'm starting to feel weak

I'm trying to kick the habit

But I'm not doing too well

As I frantically search the house

That's becoming my own hell

Just one drag is all I ask

That will help me through

If I don't find a cigarette

I don't know what I'll do

I want to quit smoking

I know that I could

But the way I'm feeling

I don't know if I should

Starting was so easy

But stopping is such a task

I only hope I can hold out

So my resistance will last

I'd love nothing better

Then to be cigarette free

I also know the benefits

All the good it would do for me

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Why do people smoke tobacco, is it good for you,

Cowboys have tobacco that they sit and chew,

They look so very grown up, sending smoke into the air.

It doesnt really smell nice, but they dont seem to care.

I wonder why they shout at me when I say can I try,

No way! can you smoke, it will make you die.

Grown ups are odd, as they say we are only looking after you.

So WHY do they smoke? IS it good for you?


Jillygirl, there just ace gal :) :)


This ones for Emjay :-

Gertrude and Agnes looking for seed

Says Agnes to gertrude we need some more feed,


If we peck on the window and peck once again,

Perhaps emjay will say oh! is that my hen,

Says Agnes I fancy some corn, but only a bit,

Gertrude says yes we have to keep fit.


We lay plenty of eggs at least once a day,

They`re all for our friend Emjay,


If we keep laying eggs wer`e as safe as can be,

but if we don`t it the dreaded ! K.F.C.!


So we keep on laying and hope and pray

that Emjay decides we can stay.


They can stay! :D :D I love this you crazy lady :D :D


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