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Trying to add this to todays chat - but not able to (I think)

Found the "webmd.com/smoking-cessation/ss/slideshow-13-best-quit-smoking-tips-ever" -

what I get from that is use every possible method !! Also got the thing about changing habits (difficult)

I told my neighbour (who has been away and been praying for me) I stopped and we did a prayer together this afternoon to take away ANGER - have felt the best yet since this prayer.

Stay positive & stay clam & keep going I think (!!!!???)

Thanks so much .....


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Oops, sorry Jonathan I've just seen this, think i need my eyes tested :D

That sounds like a really good site, hope it gives you lots of help :) I know what you mean about the power of prayer, one of my cousins stopped smoking that way, she didn't use any NRT at all, she's been stopped 13 years now :)

You'll get there, one day at a time, I know you will :)


Aup Jonathan :)

It sounds like the cravings are hitting you now :( your doing so so well, you have to keep positive and focused on your quit :) otherwise you may slip up eh :o I've put a post up which may help a bit, -- 10 tips for quitting smoking -- have a read, it helps me, and may just help you too :)

Speak soon, Pete :)


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