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Jonathan - bring on day 6

Good morning all.

Yesterday was a tough day - with a whole bag of emotions. Got cross about something & then saw "RED" - wow really felt the anger and realised I need to be careful ...anger with this amount of power attached could be dangerous.

Very positive is sense of smell & now taste coming back and just eating a bowl of bran flakes is a whole new experience .... !!! In fact everything feels like a whole new experience and the morning air is wonderful.

It is not very pleasant what is coming up from my lungs, especially last night after a bit of tennis, but I can see and feel my lungs recovering.

So heading to day 6 at 12 noon today and very very glad to have taken this decision to stop and so glad I have listened & used every bit of advice around - Thank you again.

Oh yes and everybody I see or speak to I inform them I have quit and it is now day 3, 4 .... 5 this is mainly in case they upset me and I can explain I am unpredictable at the moment.

Have a great day everyone

Best wishes


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Good morning Jon, :)

Your doing just fine pal, like you say, you soon feel the difference, like smell and taste dont you :)

Emjay posted a breathing exercise to help get rid of the erm, stuff off your lungs which is very good, if you have a look through the posts you will find it :) I've got to go to work now, speak later.

Pete :)


You are doing great, Jonathon. Have a good day, just try and let the random intense emotions roll by, if you can. Like looking in or at it. Accept it and see'hey this is what my anger feels/looks like'. Then pat yourself on the back for doing a brilliant job stopping smoking. It doesn't get better than achieving that! :)

Brilliant job, well done!


Your doing really well Jonathon, I remember feeling that angry, it wasn't nice, I used to try and take myself away from everyone when i felt this starting, and doing Emjays breathing exercises to calm the mind was a godsend for me, it really helped me get rid of the anger. You should try this and see if it helps you as well, I'm sure it will :)

Keep strong and keep going, you will do this :)


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