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Jonathan (Alias Quit)

Good morning

Sorry I do not wish to over post my comments !! But just so pleased to have stopped putting smoke, nicotine & all those other deadly substances, into my body.

At 12 noon day 5 which is excellent - I feel so different & in fact I think I look different !!

I can breath for the first time in many years - so oxygen is getting to all areas of my body and it feels great.... I can hear my heart & feel the presence of a brain !!

Left a message for the nurse yesterday to say I had got to day 4, also I have told anyone I speak to that I have given up & if I sound a little crazy that is why.

Bring on the next craving I am ready for you......

Think this is all sounding a little over positive ...... so will crash to earth soon !!

God Bless & have a great day everyone (we are free.......!!!)


P.S. Sorry for any spelling mistakes

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J, first, you don't have to apologise for spelling mistakes - others do it and we all know what you mean (well, usually! :D :D )

You come and blog on here and brag about your success. It really is a big thing to do and I couldn't have done it without the help and support of the lovely people on here. Like you say, the honeymoon will be over eventually and we'll be here for you then too - you'll be ranting at that stage but we'll pick you up and dust you off! ;-) :D :D

So, midday, start of day 5 - fantastic! keep on keeping on! See you later. :)


Good morning Jonathan.

Day five and feeling alive. Sure your not called Johnathan Travolta :D :D


seriously well done and keep up the positive attitude. xx


Yes I am John Travolta - cover blown

Or now Airhead John Trav.

Oh my God ... I have to go to work with this " free" high going on .... should be fun ... actually would be happy to stay like this ....

Best John T


Good Morning Jonathan,

welcome to another bright sunshiny and smokefree day :-) You are doing absolutely brilliantly so just keep up the momentum.

Stopping smoking can be one of the most strangest journeys ever, it's a roller coaster of emotions. These may cause you to feel excited, disheartened, empowered, sad, happy and sometimes a bit scatty :-/ :-/

You may not experience all of the above, but if you do please just remember that it is normal and it doesn't last forever :-)

Please use our site in anyway shape or form that helps you and if there is anything else we can do to walk or run with you along the way, then give us a shout :-)

Nobody said it would be easy, but everybody says that it is worth it :D

You can do this!


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