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I have just read for perhaps the tenth time Veecatz post about her scan results and I just cannot imagine what she must have been through and is still going through.

My Dad used to have a saying ‘stop the world I want to get off’ and I think that if I were in veecatz shoes, then I would be saying this to myself over and over again because I don’t honestly think that I would or could believe what I was hearing.

How could this happen? Unfortunately, the answer is very easily and this has really, well and truly, brought home to me just what I am doing to myself because like veecatz says you always think that it happens to others but never, ever in a million years to you. But the sad truth is it CAN and DOES happen to others because cancer does not show favours and one of those others could be YOU or ME!

For me to be unable to find the words I want is very unusual and there are some that would say “stuck for words – her - no, never” but it is so very true. What words do you use? What can anyone say and the simple answer is nothing because whatever is said or thought, it will not change anything at all.

All I can do is say how sorry I am but that just seems so inadequate and in honesty, totally inappropriate.

How can the world be so cruel?

My heart reaches out to you vee and I am sending strength to you because you can fight this – this disease has not won yet.

I’m also sending you loads of cuddles and am just sorry that I can’t, at the same time, kiss and make it all better.

You are in my thoughts and my prayers and your bravery at sharing this awful thing with everyone on here shows what a wonderful person you are and I for one, have learnt a very valuable lesson and I have to thank you for teaching me a fact of life – it can happen to me.

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Hi Kath after reading your blog to vee I am sure she will appreciate you being concerned.

I myself know exactly how she must have felt. Luckily for me the surgeon could operate , however I paid the price for smoking. having your whole lung remove isn't an easy thing to accept. I think that Vee will want everyone to be positive for her. There are lots of people on the roy castle lung cancer site that are in a similar position to Vee. Some of them are in there 12th year onwards so not everything has to be negative. I found when I got diagnosed some people were positive and supportive and then there were others who had me in a coffin. Keep those positive happy vibes for her. It worked for me. :)


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