My head is mashed - just need to waffle

My head is mashed - just need to waffle

Haven't posted for a little while - things had been going ok - finished my old job - got a new one to start at beginning of August. Haven't had a ciggy for 80 days - then BAM my doc phoned me up yesterday with an xray result that I had done 2 months ago. Something abnormal on my lung - she asked me if I smoked, then told me I have to see a lung specialist urgently have a bronchoscopy and a CT scan - all of which have been arranged in the next 5 days. Now being from a nursey background - the implications aren't good, they don't pull the stops out unless they think it is ultra serious. So - we all know what that means. There's nothing anyone can say - but for all the ones who are struggling at the moment - keep at it. I really want a fag now - but that ain't gonna help matters so I'll keep eating nicotine and see what Monday at the hospital brings!! Say a prayer or two for me please - am feeling ultra low at this precise moment!!

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  • Hi Veecatz, just wanted to write a note to say we're thinking of you. I know it's impossible not to worry but it sounds as though your doctors are doing all the right things and getting you checked out as quickly as possible. Try to remember it may be nothing serious but, if it is, then you are in the best hands. I wish we could take all the worry and anxiety away from you and I hope that sharing on this forum is also some comfort. If there is any support or advice we can offer, please just ask. Sending you all our best wishes Emma, from the Quit Support team x

  • Hiya Vee, I'm so sorry to hear your news - how devastating! I'll be saying prayers and crossing everything for you. That really is the pits that this was a result of xrays taken 2 months ago. :(

    The plus side for you now is that you have got to 80 days (nearly 3 months) so that should be all to the good for any operations you might have to have. :)

    Don't be a stranger, come on here every day and join the chat and we'll support you as best we can (virtually! :o ) and try and cheer you up if possible. ;-)

    Big hugs coming your way, Andi :) xxx

  • Hi Vee, like Emma says try not to worry too much although that is much easier said than done. This happened to my husband at the beginning of last year. He stopped smoking 10 years ago but after having a cough that just wouldn't shift he was sent for a chest x-ray. Just the same as you, it came back showing an abnormality. There was something between the lung and the ribs. It was really scary and the same as you, he had an appointment within a couple of weeks for a CT scan. It was a very long two weeks and then of course he had to wait for the result of the scan. It turned out to be an enlarged blood vessel (which the GP said it might be). It was harmless but was very much caused by his smoking and the consultant said it was as well that he stopped smoking when he did and that he should never smoke ever again.

    I think if cancer is even slightly suspected they have an urgent timescale to carry out further investigation so try not to worry too much. It might turn out to be something the same as my husband which will then be a really big incentive to carry on with your quit.

  • thanks for that - It has helped enormously - believe me, it has given me some real hope - will keep you posted. I have a bronchoscopy on mon and ct on thurs - and another phone call from the doc today to make sure I had the appointments through!! Thanx so much for your support xxxx

  • Hey Vee, I still luv that pic gal :D :D

    If you want to come on here and Waffle, then you flippin come and Waffle gal :) :) hmmmm am not really sure what waffle means to be honest :o but it flippin sounds good :D :D

  • Well Pete - I thought about the waffle and since you can also eat waffles it is deffo something associated with the mouth - in my case I think it may be a dose of verbal diarrhoea!!!! ;) ;) Ps thanks for your support xxxx

  • Aup Vee :)

    Am so sorry to hear your bad news gal, but hey, you know our lovely Jillygirl dont you :) she's not been on for a couple of days cos she's moved house, but she had to have a big opp a few months ago, now, she's fighting fit again :) I know that cos she's bossin her hubby about again :D :D :D

    Vee your doing so so well on your quit gal, try to stay strong eh, cos we'r all with you and we will pray for you and keep our fingers and everything else crossed for Monday :) :)

    Loads of huggs and love headin your way Vee :) :)

    Please keep us posted, Pete :) xxxxx

  • Thanks Pete, will deffo keep you posted cos this place helps me so much - I feel like everyone is family on here - just wish the weekend would go quickly so I know what I am dealing with. Its the not knowing . . . . ;) :)

  • thinking of you

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