What a lovely day!!

What a lovely day!!

Hi Everyone, well I have just worked it out and I'm on day 60 woooo! hoooo!! I'm only writing a blog to confirm what everyone says about this forum being here, - to download - be sad - be happy etc. For the first time today I realised I had been up a couple of hours and not reached for nic replacement or thought of smoking!! It seems I am using the nic less and less and I'm now having thoughts like " ciggy time - then almost immediately after its . . . Idiot . . I don't smoke now" For me - this is amazing. I see more and more people 'vaping' (or do I just notice them more now?) Well - its a great feeling and I mustn't get complacent about it. I've tentatively been offered ciggies by smokers when I have been 'on one' saying I could eat one at the time, but I stuck to my rule of not having the first puff. I just know from past experience that it will set me off again. I have been 'quitting' for the past 30yrs!!! One day one hour one minute at a time I am hoping the 'stopped' is permanent. My advice - if I'm qualified for that, is DON'T GIVE UP GIVING UP! I would just like to thank the lovely people on here for all their help and advice, and I'm sure I will continue to need it as it is still early days.

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  • Fantastic well done you must be so proud of yourself :-)

  • Woo hoo is right!!

    Great big well done!

    and thanks for sharing, it gives me heart!

    Have a great evening, lap up the summer :)

  • Well done to you :-)

    Taking teeny tiny steps forward to begin with, minutes and then hours will build up to many years of living a smoke free lifestyle.

    Brilliant :-)

  • Well done, that's brilliant :) :)

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