Long Day - but better!!

Long Day - but better!!

Just a quick update - better day today despite my car failing its MOT and costing me £300!!! NO I have not managed to save that amount from not smoking - but I didn't want a ciggy when I found out - just to cry lol!! You'll be pleased to know I don't want to kill anyone today and I'm gonna have a lovely soak in the bath, light my fragrance lamp and chill chill chill :) :)

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  • Hi ya V :)

    Am so so glad you had a better day today :) erm well, apart from the MOT bill :o

    You will sooooooon get that money back gal, as long as you stick with the quit eh :) :)

    You enjoyyyyyyy that soak in the bath V, cos it just might take the crispness off you :D :D :D

    Speak soon, Pete :)

  • Hi Vee, good for you not wanting a ciggy, your well on your way to being smoke free.


  • Yep. every day will get a little easier. Enjoy your bath and the rest of the day x

  • Good on ya, keep at it, I need your good news, it helps.

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