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Pride........Let's hope it's not before a fall

My beautiful eleven year old told me she was proud of me today for managing to stay away from the 'disgusting cigarettes' as she calls them. I did a bit of a double take when she said that and questioned if she was serious. She gave me a look that I think only pre-teens can manage and said 'duh yeah'. Now, I know I'm not particularly old yet (still 9 days left of my 30's and I'm clinging on to each and every day) but I can only assume that the exasperated reply followed by a bone grinding hug means that yes, indeed, she is proud of me.

What more encouragement and support can a mum ask for than knowing that her child is actually proud of her? What a lovely way to end a pretty hard week.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and that the sun shines for you

Lily x

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This brought tears to my eyes - as you say what more can any mum ask - you must be so proud of her as we all on here are proud of you as well but nothing, absolutely nothing beats the love of a daughter for her non smoking mum.

So pleased for you Lily - treasure your daughter you much loved mum and keep on not smoking and you should also be proud of yourself.

I only wish that I had children to be proud of me you are a very, very special and lucky lady.

Have a great weekend.



Aaaaaaah thats lovely Lily :) :) you've got a goodn there gal, you have :) and you should be proud of yourself toooooo. Its a big step to stop smoking :o

I bet you smell a lot better to your daughter too, especially when she huggs you :)

Hmmmmm didnt you know that life begins at 40 gal :D :D :D You stay strong now Lily, cos your doing just great :) speak soon.

Pete :)


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