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I originally posted this as a comment on the daily chat but then I thought to myself why change your habits - sod it, post it as a blog and to hell with any consequences. So no, you're not seeing things folks, I just changed my mind and decided to do what I have always done and do a blog.

Mondays are never good days – the start of the week and another four days of work and the end of the week seems ohh sooo very far a w a y! Today though has been better than I expected so that is a bonus and it has gone reasonably quickly so all’s well here at the mo!

Auditors in our place and driving me nuts as every time I want one of my books or ledgers I can’t find the flipping thing and then I realise that the auditors have got it! Wouldn’t mind but it’s every time. Do the books for two companies and we have two auditors in and yep, you guessed correctly, one is doing one company and the other is doing the second company. Typical of my luck – wouldn’t be half so bad if they both did one company together at least that way I would be able to do half my work! Oh well, hopefully they are only here until Wednesday – fingers crossed.

Notice that everyone seems to have kept busy today – bunnyrabbit; grannysue; betts; madimad; samba; EmJay; jillygirl and andi – and also notice that we seem to have had a number of new members over the last few days. Well, the more the merrier I say as the more we have on our side the less that nic has on his.

May possibly have spent my savings from when I gave up back in March today but not entirely certain yet – will be speaking to my computer savvy next door but one neighbour tomorrow for his advice. Hopefully, what I’ve found will be so very very useful and it is quite reasonably priced as well as it will still leave a little in the bank from that first time.

Only a short one today people but there is always tomorrow isn't there?

Luv hug and a big happy grin :D or maybe even two :D


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Kath....for me I love reading your blogs. :-) :-) I think that as this is a support site if you want to blog, then blog away. It is then members choice whether or not they choose to read them. I love to read and can easily do a paperback a day when I'm not working. For me the longer the better and it helps me cut down on library trips. :D :D :D

Sue xx


Thank you very, very much for your kind words as they really do mean a lot to me. I am so glad that you enjoy my writings and just having one reader makes it worth while.

Have a good day.



Hi Kath

Lovely to read your blog. Hope the auditting is going smoothly.

You know, the days fly when you look back on them. It'll be weekend before you know it :)



Hi all

Has everybody seen Emjay's new Guidelines?

If not, please read and sign up.


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