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Proof ... If you want to you can do!! 3 months and STILL going strong!!

Proof ... If you want to you can do!! 3 months and STILL going strong!!

I haven't been on here for ages but having been standing on the sidelines cheering you all on in your pursuit of happiness! I somehow, miraculously have managed three months of non-smoking. Definitely the hardest thing, apart from childbirth of course, that I have ever done. still dont call myself a non smoker, that still sounds scary, but say to myself and others that' I am not smoking at the moment'.That mantra seems to be working for me. The urges and cravings are less frequent but when they come ...oh boy...theyre strong...but I ve learnt to be ready for them..always have chewing gum to hand, have a moan a rant and take the dog for a lonng walk then it passes.

my only concerns now are my weight...ive gained a stone :( and that I crave nicotine if i drink alcohol...so am neither smoking nor drinking...find it hard to go out and socialise as my old habits haven't formed into new habits yet and I stand around awkward waiting to go home! oh well eventually...I ll get there...give it time..I have taken up yoga but its quite solitary..not the same as going to the pub. any suggestions on coping will be much appreciated.

keep on keeping on!!

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Hi Jane, nice to see you back and congratulations on getting to 3 months. :) Maybe you r mantra needs changing now to more along the lines of 'I've chosen not to do that any more'. That's what I tell myself. :)

You're very lucky that you've got your dog for company so that gets you out a bit. Can you not do your yoga in a class situation or maybe start up other fitness things such as Zumba? I think it's still early days to be worrying too much about the weight gain, more important still to keep off the fags then when you think you've finally cracked it, really focus on the weight aspect.

Good luck, and don't leave it so long to come on here again. :)


Hello there :-) Lovely to hear from you and a big huge fat congratulations on doing so well :-) 3 months is a quarter of a year and that's brilliant :-)

Although the cravings seem to still be quite strong, I'm glad that you recognise that they are happening less frequently :-)

Don't forget that for many years you have been feeding your body with a lot of poisonous chemicals that are quite addictive. So if you can look at it that these pesky cravings are starting to realise themselves that you mean business now and are not going to give in. This is why they are laying low, trying to build up their energy and then 'BAM!' try and catch you out when you least expect it - As long as you can have a strategy ready for when this happens, then you are onto a winner. You're doing this already and are doing a really good job of it :-)

Carry on moving forward in the direction that you are heading, as it is the right way :-) and as Andi has already said, you can look at dealing with that extra weight at a later date :-)

If you want to find some healthy eating options or be distracted from snacking just for the sake of it, have a look at the following link:


With regards to going out, there are thousands and thousands of people who go out and enjoy themselves who don't smoke, you can be one of them. You just have to switch your mindset. The next time you go out to the pub, play the game, see it as a challenge that you are going to look forward to. At least you are not going to have an awful taste in your mouth after smoking, you can chat to you friends without them thinking that your breath stinks :-/

You're doing brilliantly so keep up the good efforts :-)


Hi Buddyboo, Im nearly 3 months no smoking and am finding it tough now!!! finished patches last week and now feeling urges for a ciggie:(

I really have come so close to lighting up but the thought of all this hard work puts me off...so I guess that is a good thing. I really do not want to smoke again I planned to do this now and have no intention of failing...I also hav put on weight which I can live with till these urges go, then I will tackle my weight. I also have my doggies to walk too...Just to say I do keep telling myself when I get the thoughts of ciggies ...how much i hate smoking, real negative thoughts...eventually these urges will stop perhaps try it too x Fran.


buddyboo, I am at the same stage as you, just over three months,using chanpix, which is due to come to an end soon. I still get cravings when I am at home. Just been on four days holiday and because I was busy enjoying myself I didnt think about smoking very often. I guess we will all have to keep busy finding things to do. It will all be worth it in the end, I think maybe another month and all thoughts of smoking will be gone. Trouble is I am getting fatter by the hour. Replaced smoking with chewing, chocolate nuts, sweets, ice cream, with the odd bit of fruit thrown in, lol.


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