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To those bereaved this year

I have been sitting here at the keyboard trying to think of a lovely message of comfort to say to those of you who like me have lost someone special this year - but each time I write, it sounds rubbish and I press 'delete'. Anyway, here I go again.

I just wanted to say, I lost my husband Richard to PSP in back in April so with Christmas fast approaching this weekend, I have mixed feelings of both sorrow and of joy.I miss Richard very much and a glance at a photograph only yesterday reduced me to floods of tears. Yet I, completely unexpectantly have a new man in my life - a family friend who we had both known for many years - and I have the hope of a new life with him but, at the same time I can't forget my dearest husband of the last 37yrs.

I think there will be many of you out there who are also going to be missing someone special at Christmas and putting on a brave face too. We cannot forget those we have lost at a time like this so I hope like me, you will mention that person as we gather round in the comfort of our families. Richard loved Christmas so I am sure my family and I will be mentioning his name often and laughing a lot as we recall the things he got up to. Like the time we sat around the table chanting "Why are we waiting...." and unbeknown to us, he was hopping around the garden with blood pouring from his thumb which he had almost amputated with a carving knife. He had thought it a good idea to get a holly sprig to pop on the Christmas pud before he set light to the brandy. I think he'd been at the sherry!

Life does go on we know, but I hope we all remember to include our loved ones too after all they will be with us all in spirit , at this happy time too.

A Happy and Peaceful Christmas to everyone,


Maggie x

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hi maggie

thanks fo rthat lovely blog - as always you hit the nail on the head

i did nto think i wou;d be here as i am this xmas but i AM and am sitll; kicking - sometimes when i have fallen on the floor r but never in vain

sSince i wa sdiagnosed ayeaara go i have me some wonderfultpeople either with PAKINSONS OR on this SITE WITH PSP OR CBD

so enjoy you xmas with your familuy and i hope your new man

olve jill


Hi Maggie,

What a lovely post. I hope you have a lovely Xmas despite the mixed feelings it brings.




Hi Maggie, you deserve every happiness. Hope it was enjoyable for you.



Hi Maggie

I am just catching up on all the blogs and I just wanted to say thank you for putting up your blog. I lost dad back in June but this time of year has been even worse as it was around this time that dad was diagnosed and was very quicky deteriorating. I have missed him terribly this Christmas and New Year but know he is in a better place and free from this terrible condition

I wish you all the very best for the future.


Lesley x


Dear Maggie,

Thankyou for your post. I have kept away from this site for the last few weeks becuase I wasn't looking forward to our first Christmas without my 'Papa'..(He died in May from CBD)

It is lovely to hear good news for a change - particualry for those who have given so much of themselves whilst supporting loved ones through PSP/CBD

My sister & I had told my mother that we wanted Christmas away from the family home as our memories of last Christmas was so awful. It was odd but she didn't see that time as being so bad - however she agreed to come to my house.

We had a lovely meal, a wobbly moment at the carving of the turkley ( Papa's job) but we raised our glasses to him & everyone spoke of a treasured memory.

I am pleased to say on the surface my mother is coping quite well & she has the support of friends & family.

I have yet to persuade her onto this site - which as ever I have found of great help.

All good wishes to everyone who has to come to this site for one reason or another.


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