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Happy Christmas!

Hi, I know I am a few days early, but I have been having internet problems for the past few weeks. Hence the peace from my posts!

S and I are fine, S is even drinking a bit(!!!) now. The difference is quite remarkable, can even talk the odd word again! Unfortunately, most of them, are to have a go at me, but hey ho, that our life, isn't it???

we are having family come to us, well that's the plan. It has changed several times, my brother in law, had a fall recently, broke on couple of ribs. Turned out, he actually broke seven, one going into his spleen! To cut a long story short, said spleen is no more, he is extremely lucky to be still alive. So we will be celebrating Christmas this year!

Life is too short for all of us. WE all need to live life to the full, none of us know which will be the last, just because PSP rules our lives, it doesn't mean nothing else will touch us.

Anyway, I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a very peaceful and uneventful new year!

I am here thinking about every single one of you, just have to keep waiting for the Internet to work, so I can join in.

Also, I would like to thank you all for the support you have given me over the past year, I honestly don't know how I would cope, without your help, comfort and kind words. Nobody understands what we go through on a day to day basis, having you out there, helps me realise, I am not alone, others, unfortunately are feeling exactly the same, tired, helpless, frustrated, angry! One day, one day someone will find a cure for this evil disease and the next generation will not have to go through this £&@£!!!!

Sending big hugs all around, especially those who are facing the first Christmas, without your loved one.

Lots and lots of love


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My very best Chrisrmas wishes and blessings to you and yours, and everyone here on this wonderful site, we must try to keep smiling and the wonderful posts from you all certainly keep me going.....God bless xxxx

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Hi Heady glad that S is drinking and talking a bit more, even when if it is to have a go at you.

I was just sitting here thinking that we had not heard from you, glad everything is ok.

Hope you brother in law gets well soon. I would also like to second what heady said about you all being there, and helping us all through this horrible journey.

We are going to our daughters for Christmas Day all the family wiki be there, so looking forward to it, just can't really feel anything about Christmas, just want to keep focused on the grandchildren, and watch there happy faces.

George has been very quiet, not eaten much today, children came around the other day, and he got hold of our daughters hand,band told her I am not well, I am going to die soon, so sad.

Well wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Years, hope all goes well for you all over Christmas. Yvonne xxxxxxx.


Yvonne, I told Don I was gong to retire from being a caregiver. I am exhausted since he was diagnosed with another UTI and tried too go shopping in the middle of the night, now have to hide the car keys since he still thinks he can drive. Yes drive me crazy. Aren't we lucky we have one another.

Audrey xoxoxo


Heady what is he talking to be drinking some? Don has anothter UTI. He was acting funny a few days ago, couldn't wouldn't open his eyes and then that night he woke me up at about 1:30 all dressed. He was going to go shopping for a party, say what. Took me forever to get him back to bed and then bong in my head, I betcha he has another infection. Took for urine test first thing in the morning and I was so right. Isn't it great that we have one another.

Hugs and kisses,


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Thanks, Heady, that's so much how I feel, I appreciate your doing it for me, especially the bits about life's brevity and how this beautiful lot of people are making it possible to cope. You all even make me smile and laugh. Thanks to everyone, and extra hugs to you, Heady. You are grand! love, ec

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And a Happy Christmas to you and all friends out there.

We have already received so many nice hamper type gifts I have decided next year I will ask for donations to PSP research!

Have as good a holiday as you can.

Love to all Pauline and Des xx


Agree with all above. Merry Christmas to all.

Slept right through last night ! When I woke up and realised I thought he must have died.!!!! Sleeping like a baby ! Hope it lasts.

love, Jean x


And a happy Xmas from me as well. Got a good gift already, the carers are coming in am and pm every day overy the holidays.


Thanks Heady best wishes for a happy Christmas and quiet New Year, and respite from the rigours of PSP hope S remission lasts.

Tim and Margaret





Happy Christmas Heady, I hope it turns out to v a good one. Xxxx


hiheady well matey I would like to wish you and stan a very happy Christmas and a trouble free new year mate all the best have one for me mate will you peterjones queensland Australia psp sufferer


Happy christmas to you and your family too, Peter. Amanda.

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thank you Amanda peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer


We wish you a merry Xmas ,we wish you a merry Xmas , we wish you a merry Xmas and happy new year ..


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