It's A Happy, Happy Day!

It's A Happy, Happy Day!

My other favorite daughter, Melissa Maria (aka Missy) is coming home for the week for Spring Break!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She's always been an 'old soul' but very wise one. She's bubbly and has the best giggle of anyone I know.

She' been majoring in psychology and said going forward, there's on about a million papers she could right, just based on me. LOL. answer too many Mother's prayers, since the girls' are less than a year apart and other factors, the spent most of their growing up either quietly loathing each other or in a loud, too late to intervene, verbal smack-down.

...But...believe it or not, what's evolved since Missy left for college in January, is a deep love for each other, as well as friendship. They can't wait to see each other. Do believe we will have some moments of regression over the upcoming week, but seems a small price to pay for what's evolved that I though never would:)


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  • Thats great Judy, i miss my boys too, they live in Cornwall, we are going down to see them in April, i can't wait. Its my eldest Barry and my youngest Anthony, they live together. I am only worried that they see how i have deteriated, they havn't seen me for nearly a year, i havn't been able to go down there to see them. I am hoping i can pull it off!! xx

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  • hi tisha you have a great time in Cornwall its a lovely part of the world as well so you will have two reasons to go there first your sons then the place itself \\you can pull it off mate you can do it \\ i would love to be there myself just to see there faces light up when you arrive good luck and best wishes peter jones queensland australia psp suffferer

  • Oh, wow, Tisha, I can only imagine what you must be feeling and can totally appreciate your concerns, truly.

    But know matter how conflicted, scared, or worried inside you might be feeling when you see each other for the first time, it's going to be your reaction that sets the tone. I know it might sound abit...can't pick a word for it....the more confidence and accepting of yourself that you are (tho you might not be feeling it), the more it might set your sons at ease.

    Sure they will have verbal or nonverbal reactions after seeing you for the first time in a year, seems to me there's no way around it but headon. Sure you've thought of this, but let them know early on it's okay to ask question, and there's no question you won't try to answer old are your boys?

    We just got back from picking-up Missy from Wisconsin a bit ago. Last saw her in January, which is nothing compared to a whole year. But I will admit, I was unprepared by her reaction. Immediately noticed my balance was that much worse, insisted on driving us back (Thank God, all you anti-driving Judy supporters:)), and commented to the level of concern how I sounded "drunk" when I spoke, as well as assigning words and names to things/people that were non-appropriate. Told me she was "relieved" when I got back in bed.

    Wow, what she noticed, not improvements, in the short 2 months she was gone astonished me. So I completely understand what you're worried about as to your son's perceptions of you. No easy answers.

    How are you getting to Cornwall? Is someone who cares for you going along to help support you? How far is Cornwall from where you live now. And one more time, what are the ages of Barry and Anthony?

  • Hi Judy, Barry is 35 and Anthony is 26, Barry had a brain Tumor when he lived in Australia about 10 years ago, after having operations to remove it in Melbourne they shipped him home. He was married then but his wife couldn't look after him. Anthony, when he reached 18 decided he was going to be his carer and has lived with him ever since. Barry is fine but has epileptic fits, he has a seizure nearly every day but seems to cope with them very well. Anthony has a fiance, she is a lovely girl and looks after them both, they hope to get married next year.

    I am really looking forward to seeing them, my brother also lives down there and we will be staying with him and his partner. My husband Len will be driving us down, it takes about 4 hours, we leave early in the morning to miss the traffic. have to sort out presents as missed christmas and 3 birthdays, won't be cheap.

    Children are very sensitive of how their parents feel, my son at home allways notices when i am having a bad day, more so than my husband!, and my son isn't here all the time. Enjoy your time with your family, Trisha xx

  • Wow, Trish, I didn't know you had your plate so full, it's overflowing. But what's so beautiful is how your individual family members blend in such a positive way.

    Yup-the Mom thing-Everything seems to start and stop with us, doesn't it??:)

  • :-) have a lovely time together!

  • Thanks, we will.



    have a great week together both of you

    and allthe other families gettign together ove the holiday period

    lol JIll


    ps i feel a party comign on....

  • Thanks Jillann; we will. Best of regards back to you.

  • :) enjoy :) HUGS

  • Judy; where is Missy in Wisconsin? We are in Green Bay where my wife has PSP. Doug

  • Also, I don't know how long you've lived in the GB area, your ages, etc., but for what's worth in a 'it's a small world' sense of things, my Uncle Dean Johnson, was a new anchor for the NBC affiliate in GB back in the 70's. He died unexpectedly in his mid-40's of a hepatitis related illness he got while serving in the Korean War. Before leaving MN for GB, he was a disc jockey here, primarily at the KDWB station. Reaching for straws here, but the older I get, the more I find in common with people. But, this could be a complete bust...:)

  • She's just across the border at the U Of W, River Falls.

  • So I picked up my every-so-lovely daughter, Melissa on Friday. She'd been complianing over the school week how one of her tonsils was swollen/ huge, almost interferring with swallowing. Finally got herself to the campus doc on Wed. Because of the freakishly large size of her tonsil, no tests were order & was given an RX for a ligtweight antibiotic. Had completely forgotten about it cause the last time it was used was for ear infections. Starts with an "A" and ends in a "cillin." My radar was up a bit.

    I opened my eyes Saturday morning to her standing over me in bed with a flashlight. She couldn't speak but got the gist I was to l look in her mouth. Holy moly, horror-show. The other tonsil had swollen up almost as large as the other & where covered it white spots. I knew what I was looking at, not thrush white spots, but strep white spots.

    Off to urgent care we went, and the doc said if an award could be given for the worst case of tonsilitis AND strep at the same time, she'd get it. Gave here a much stronger RX for an antibiotic.

    The silver lining here is if I perform my Mommy TLC, the 2nd half of here spring break might be salavaged. Her love of 4+ years, and just recently engaged to (don't ask me), are planning to spend the rest of the break beginning Wed. thru Sun.; then he'll take her back to school

    Poor baby; she truly looks likes she's been thru it, but by Wed., she should be feeling better; here's hoping!


  • Bless her, she must be inanlot of pain, i hope she gets well soon xx

  • Thanks Tisha, we'll get her back on her feet.

    Best regards,


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