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A photo of a good day

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I wanted to share it as good days are too few and far between and should be treasured. This is my mum and her lovely smile, with my daughter. I'm sad that she hasn't been able to enjoy her the way she would have liked to. She had 2 grandsons before Romy was born in 2008 and really wanted a granddaughter. By the time she came along, my mum was already in the grips of PSP and not knowing, I wondered why she seemed so unexcited. Now it all falls into place. However, I know that deep down she adores her and that she enjoys her in a different way, but not any less.


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Hi Cathy,

What a BEAUTIFUL picture!! :-)

If your Mum is like my Mum, smiles are a rarity... how lovely that you caught this one on camera.

Definitely one to be enlarged and framed :-)

love Kathy x

Hi Cathy!

Such a lovely picture. As Kathy said, definitely one to be enlarged and framed. How we all treasure the "smiley" days - sadly they don't happen nearly often enough.

Take care.............SuzieQ xx

Hi Kate

I've just come back from the hospital where my daughter gave birth to her first child during the night. She is of course delighted but I know that she will be thinking of her Dad to whom she was very attached and who died in 2008 with PSP. She would have loved so much to have shared this moment with him. I am so glad that your mother is getting to know her grandchild.



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Kathy in reply to

Hi Lina,

Congratulations on the birth of your new grandchild!! :-) I'm so sorry your husband isn't there to share your joy, but I'm sure his presence will be felt by all of you as you get to know this precious new member of your family.

Love to all of you

Kathy x

in reply to Kathy

Thank you. My husband loved children and would have been over the moon about his new grandchild. I am consoled that he is looking down and smiling at him from heaven.


Lina xx

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jillannf6 in reply to

Hi lina

thanks for your replies on the blog posts and congrats on the birth of your grandchild

so sad that your husband is not here to enjoy i tbut he will be v muich with you all in spirit!

take care and keep blogging

love Jill


in reply to jillannf6

I am touched by your e mails. It's good to know that there are people out there who can share in my joy. I shall speak to my grandchild about his grandfather when he is old enough. A|t least he will know him in spirit.


Lina xx

What a lovely picture

What a lovely picture, and gives out hope to us all - Yes there are good days to be enjoyed.

Thank you for your comments, sharing on here has become a great source of support to me - sometimes things can seem quite overwhelming but people on here are wonderful.

Lina - congratulations on your grandchild! How wonderful and how sad for you and your daughter too. Events like this bring your loss home but hopefully the joy he or she will bring will be greater.


Lovely photo my daughter was only 5 my son 3 when my Mum was diagnoised with PSP and I always feel both my children missed out so much with their Nan and her with them. But its true you find other ways for them to enjoy time together and create special moments we can always cherish xxxxx

Hi Kathy

Aw, what a love photo and what a lovely smile your mum has. My love to all of you

Lesley x

a smile admidst adversity is all that is needed to inspire others!!

in reply to whisperer

You are so right.


Lina xx

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