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Coconut Oil

I saw my neruologist & brought-up using Coconut Oil to help with balance and limit falls.

His face lit-up and said he knows of it, and has a few patients who swear by its positive effects.

He told me to 'go for it' and and not to worry about the fat content. He also urged me to continue taking the Co Enzyme Q-10.

I believe it was Cindy Lou who brought this up - thanks - another tool in my tool kit.

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Well now Judy, that is good news. How nice to have a physician who is open to natural remedies. It's been lovely to read that you are feeling more positive too.

God Bless



Thanks for your reply. My Neuro is a gem. I just got lucky. He was the Neuro on call at a hospital I went to last spring for one of my falls, & started working with him. He's so approachable, doesn't rush you out the door, answers all of my questions, and has the demeanor of just a real good human being. And thinks outside the box. Doesn't get better than that, eh?

Yes, I've been going thru a very low period as to my attitude. This chapter of my life is being written as it happens and it helps to get my feelings out; I don't have a lot of supportive people in my life. I feel blessed I found this site.

Thank you for noticing and take good care of yourself; I know it's not easy being a caretaker at all.

Judy Johnson


hi judy you sound much happier now and more in control which is great im glad that you have gone on the coconut oil i think you will get some changes in yourself but do not expect to much to quickly i have been taking it for about 8 months now i feel i have more energy and my falls have been cut down drasticly and you cant ask for more than that\\\\\ i think lot depends on yourself as well if you believe it it will do you good it will\\ sometimes i have started to fall but i have saved myself which never happened before as i told maddie on this site i dont think that you will be running around the block yet \\\although you might because you sound so much better and more confident now anyway mate i hope to hear more of your escapades on the oil take care and be careful peter jones queensland australia psp sufferer


As always, Peter, you put a smile on my face; thank you.


Who is Your Neuro Judy


His name is Dr. Marcel Hungs with the Neurological Associates of St. Paul, MN, USA. He speaks with a European accent, German I think. I've wondered if he received his medical training outside of this country because of his qualities I mentioned, especially his broad-minded approach to treating PSP. He also has a spiritual quality him as well which I find soothing.


Hello All,

Thanks for all your great words and advice! i would like to know please , what is this coconut oil and how you should take it?! also, is it easy to get it?

My dad had been on coenzym Q10 for over 2 months and unfortunately did not help him yet... In Poland there is so little information about this horrible disease and neurologists have no idea what to do and what do use :-)

Looking forward to hearing from you! thanks so much :-)



Well, I live in the States, USA, so I don't know what the availablity is in Poland in terms of supplements. But here, I found it easily at a Walmart (do you know what that is?). I also saw it at a large national pharmacy chain called Walgreens. So if you have those kinds of retails stores available, you should be able to find it easily. Here, they put everything in alphabetical order, and there it was, simple as that. It comes in a large container that needs to be refrigerated once opened. It cost about $20 American dollars; don't know what that equates to in your country. By the size of the container, believe it will last me a long time. It cracked me up when the packaging said it can also be used as substitue for other cooking oils, or use it for cooking and baking, or use it as a spread. it doesn't help with balance and falls, at least it won't be a waste.

Good luck finding it and keep us posted if your Dad starts taking it (directions say 1 teaspoonful a day) and if you see any improvement, or if you don't.

Take good care of yourself as well! Have a great weekend.




Thank you Judy!!! My father lives in Poland with my mum buy myself lives in UK. Is there any specific brand name for this coconut oil?? ot it can be any?? no, i don't know what is Welmart.....

I will try in Hollands& Barret in Uk, will see what i can find there .

Many thanks for your advice and all the best for you ! :-)



Going to go and buy the coconut oil at the weekend for my dad. Anything to help him try and and get some balance back. Thank you.


I started using coconut oil yesterday. Let me see if I get balance What is dosage of O Enzeme @- 10 ?could anyone please help me.


Are you in the States or elsewhere? It might not matter. Here in the states the Q-10 is available in 100 or 200 mg doses. My Doc said to take the 100 once a day. I'm sure the dosage is based on weight, as are most meds. I'm about 125 lbs. I'd go the lower dose if you weigh in on the lighter side, of the 200 if otherwise.


to all who have gone on to coconut oil i have been using it for about 8 or so months now and i do feel better in myself and my falls have been cut down in fact i have had none in the month of

march so far but i have been close once or twice but saved myself from falling which never happened before BUT why i am writing this is to say please please do not think this is a quick fix and its going to solve all your problems after taking it for a couple of days\\ i drink 25mls a day sometimes it thickens right up but i just pop it into a bowl of hot water and when its melted i just carry on with taking it \\you will see its also ok for cooking with using it as a spread i believe you can put in on your hair if you want to but the clean headed guys out there dont go rushing to buy any as i m not sure whether it grows hair or not \\\ i have a full head of hair so i do not have that problem\\ at the moment\\ but remember dont go buying 6 bottles because one will last you for quite a while \so just try the one for now see how it goes best wishes to all who do try it and i think its worth a try\\ i hope all goes well for you peter jones queensland australia


I agree-Nope-not a quick fix, especially with this complicated PSP. I'm looking at it as another tool in my tool kit. Might help; can't hurt, so go for it. Glad to hear it seems to being working for you quite well:)


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