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Hello all, thought I'd let you know about something I've been giving my dad for a while now. Cannabidiol or CBD oil.


The good news is this is completely legal in the UK and you can order it online with no worries. If you've never heard of this medicine Plz look into it. There are many posts doing the rounds online about its amazing effects for different diseases including PD, but I can't find anything about parkinsonisms or PSP. (I just learned that psp and psp parkinsonisms are different)

I bought his first bottle back in March 2015. He then bought his own larger bottle a month later. He was saying he got no effect from it at all, I've just discovered this may be due to me recommending cibdol. When I read their website it assured me their oils were made from the flowers of CBD strains of cannabis and contained decent amounts of CBD. Turns out it's made from industrial hemp which also produces CBD but it's not as sound medicinally than the oil made from cannabis.

So, I was speaking to a chap in glasgow who suffers from psychosis. He couldn't sing its praises enough. Add that to the fact the ampule in the bottle of cibdol we have doesn't reach the bottom of the bottle has led me to buying a bottle of the better oil this guy recommended.


I'll point out that the old stuff was 4% hemp CBD oil.

This new stuff is 20% cannabis CBD oil.

I've been raking through some medical Marajuana forums from America in the hope of finding someone who has been treating PSP with CBD or normal "illegal in the UK" THC cannabis. Unfortunately every post I find is just one person posting the question and no responses. :(

My next course of action is to try to get in touch with some of the ppl who work in the medical Marajuana dispensaries in the states. Im hoping they have some kind of database they have access to that will provide a wealth of info, hopefully including psp. If not I'll find someone knowledgable who is willing so converse via email. Because these are the ppl who are face to face with patients everyday in the states, even though they are not professionals, they will have the best experience/knowledge of what works where. Remember they get feedback from their customers on a daily basis.

The oil can be taken orally by dropping 3-4 drops under the tongue and leaving it there for a min before swallowing (it's not a pleasant taste but it's more than bearable) The other option is through the use of a vape pen or vapouriser. These are the same as the ones used for quitting smoking. I'm not sure if you'd need a special one that can handle a thicker oil, but if necessary you can thin the oil. Not sure how, would need to look into that further.

Anyway, new oil ordered and should be here in a few days. I'll let you know how we get on.

Another thought just occured to me. There's a company in the UK that actually makes a synthetic form of cannabis. As far as I know it can be prescribed by doctors in the UK but only for certain conditions. It is called Sativex.


Be aware that your doctor will not be knowledgable on the subject of cannabis as they've been brainwashed by all the propaganda. That being the case, if anyone comes into contact with a more open minded doctor Plz share their details (with their permission) so they can be contacted and asked if they may be willing to help persuade the less open minded doctors.


Progressive supranuclear palsy

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  • If you are in any doubt about whether or not cannabis is a proper medicine Plz read this info about the endocannabinoid system that has been discovered recently.


  • This sounds really interesting. Let us know what you find out!

    Lots of love


  • I think cannabis should be thought of as a healing drug, not just something that gives you the munchies. Good luck on your trek I am confident that you will find the answer you are looking for.....Your dad is a lucky man to have such a concerned son...


    Ps I tried to read work from the other sites ....maybe I was just too tired but they were much higher than I could decode. But I too will work on it. Again just keeping my man upright makes for a good day. And I don't make the time anymore to read why or if there is a cure or a way to keep this thing at bay.

    Im tired,


  • Interesting to see this, Wales has recently made a similar product available on the NHS for MS sufferers (only the daily mail seem to have reported on it?!?)


  • Gosh, but it is so expensive...

  • There are different levels of quality. Think of it like champagne or wine. Are you in America?

    If you are in a legal state you can transfer your personal medical grow allowance to a care giver who will grow your medicine for a price cheaper than you will find in the shops.

  • Hello Hidden,

    I'm looking into CBD oil for my newly PSP diagnosed dad. Have you had any luck with it or heard of someone who has?

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