Coconut oil

I was doing some research and found this

Which led me to this

Has anyone tried this on PSP, CBD, MSA?

Im hoping to try it on my dad (PSP) but he says he doesn't like coconut. Sigh....

I already have a kilo of it laying around and I have a friend who's mum has parkinsons so I'll be sharing.

I have a friend on another forum who's mum has cbd. I'm gonna tell him about it and hopefully they may try it but I think she's quite far along.

It can cause stomach upsets so if anyone's gonna try plz start slowly.

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  • Some time ago this was mentioned on this site and I know quite a few of us tried it. It didn't make any difference to C, he still deteriorated quite quickly but I still use it as it didn't do any harm and I quite like it. I use it for frying and roasting. When I first started buying it, it was very expensive but then our local Tesco store started selling KTC 100% Pure coconut oil and it is far cheaper than any other I have found. Although it is 100%, it doesn't taste as coconutty as the others so it may be like the difference between olive oil and extra virgin olive oil.


  • What dosage did you try? I'm hearing it takes 8 tblsp a day. 4 with breakfast, 2 with lunch, 2 with dinner.

    Thanks for responding NannaB :)

  • Yuk! All that oil. Perhaps that's why it didn't make a difference. I just use it every time I cook. When C could eat solids, I'd spread it on bread in sandwiches so he had more at the beginning but not as much as you said.


  • It's hard to imagine how it would help, really, given what we know about the tau protein tangles. I think we are always in danger from snake oil cures, and while I'm willing to try what seems reasonable, I hate to encourage folks down the garden path.

    It's a common complaint here that the medical establishment isn't paying attention to us, but I don't think that is true. Especially given the usefulness of having a tau protein problem to work on, as Alzheimer's researchers are trying to decide whether it is beta amyloid plaques or tau protein tangles that are the crucial element in that highly researched disease, I think we can be assured that psp is being given the resources that are available.

    On we go. Easterncedar

  • There have been many many discussions about coconut oil here. You might want to look back. No one that I am aware of had any major improvement with it. Like NannaB I have decided I like cooking with it, especially when doing a stir fry or Thai noodles, so no harm from trying. Good luck. Ec

  • Tried coconut with M a few year ago but not in the amounts Hidden suggests no effect but We both enjoyed the oil in cooking I agree lifts stir fry but great in curry and for some soups.

    No harm in trying but I think it may only be a help in early stages.

    No harm in trying good luck best wishes Tim

  • My husband has been taking this since diagnosis three years ago. I know this is anecdotal. He takes 2T coconut oil and 1T MCT oil in his morning "cocoa" and his lunch smoothie. His progression has been slow, pleasing both us and his neurologist...up to 12/7 when he fell, hit his head and ended up with burr hole surgery. It was pretty frightening to see what lies ahead. He couldn't talk, hold up his head, walk, his right arm was paralyzed, etc.

    He just got home, so we are back to his pretty intensive supplement, diet, and exercise program. Oddly, his speech is better now than it was before the fall. I am curious that perhaps what was going on before is some small subdural hematomas as a result of falls (though not hitting his head) that were resolving themselves.

    He still has a long road to recovery ahead of him and coconut oil and MCT oil is a part of it. I feel like I am in a race with PSP.

  • Oh dear, Christine, I'm so sorry your husband had such a bad fall. I hope he recovers well and soon. Interesting about the speech. The progression of the disease varies so much from person to person it makes it hard to know whether anything is working. My guy has been taking large doses of CoQ10 for a couple of years, at the strong recommendation of his neurologist, who specializes in PSP (Diane Apetauerova), but maybe his progression was going to be relatively slow anyway? I was a little surprised when his GP suggested at the last visit that he should be thinking about making the choice to refuse emergency room care and treatment like your husband's burr hole surgery should he have a fall. I can't see my guy making that choice while he has any will at all. It was good of the doctor to bring it up, though. Something for me to think about, too.

  • We tried coconut oil with my father 3 years ago after it was mentioned at this site. I asked the neurologist and she said she never heard about it. The progression is going on and I don't think it made any difference but he was just taking one table spoon daily. Never tried larger doses.

  • Large doses of coconut oil is likely to cause diarrhoea so be careful how much you give. Janexx

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