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i want to share this program for read text

hello everyone, i want to share this progam that help people to read digital text ,so

copy a website like newspapers, books, websites etc and past it in the progam

maybe help people who has PSP to listen what they can not read.


also you have website like audiobooks like this

hope be help for you, hugs from Spain :) never give up

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Thank you for sharing this


:) my fathers likes listen audiobooks in his cdplayer if somebody has problem to speak maybe can try to write it in a digital program for be more audible. hugssss


Dear Marusela,

Thank you for the reading source sites ! My sister had been reading large print books, but has recently said that she prefers the audiobooks due to difficulty focusing, visually and mentally. I've read your "letters" here and think that you're dedication , courage, and compassion are amazing ! I hope that you're very much appreciated by your family and friends and that you have a lot of caring and emotional support coming back to you. Thank you and take care ! Elise


carehope dont make me cry :) hehe, thanks for your words, i only want to share all things that i believe can be usefull, because i feel people thinks are alone and its no true, wen find us here and can share experiences, let me tell you that i only have support of my husband and my little childs, my brother dont want to help me he lives in other country and althought its seems terrible he prefers dont see reality and hides away...nobody help me its a cruel history but nevermind, i have all my friends here that shares and read each others to the glad that audiobooks help you, my father listen a lot and its happy and calm down thank for your words again....send u a hug and the same blessings for you, BE STRONG


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