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As a few will know I have a new puppy. "Ollie" moved in a couple of weeks ago. Hard, does not really cover it. I have wondered, what an earth have I done!!! Tonight I have found that the reason. We have been sat outside, enjoying a glass of wine in the sun. I went in to attend dinner. Heard the dog, barking like mad, not normal behaviour from him (yet!). Went out, found S going down the steps to the garden, by himself. Ollie, beside him barking!!! A ten week pup, was telling S off, for moving by himself, without his walker! My world has just been turned upside down, I have someone on my side! I am not alone! I don't know whether to laugh or cry!

Someone who's opinion I value, said to me the other day, about Ollie and me being a team, taken a few days to think about this. But oh GeorgePa, you are so right!!! Thank you!

Lots of love


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  • That is wonderful!


  • Looks like you have a service dog (puppy) in the works. I think you can get them licensed to take with you everywhere. Oh that might just be in the US.

  • What a lovely story. I know puppies are hard work but everyone I know wouldn't be without them .

    It must feel good to feel you have a fellow watcher. Its almost unbelievable how a puppy knows, isn't it ?


    love Jean x

  • I have witnessed a couple of sweet moments, but just thought it was me, wishing the outcome, but this was something else! He did ruin it minutes later, by leaving a little puddle on the carpet, although we were still outside!!! Still Rome wasn't built in a day!!! Now he is affecting me, that sounded like patience. That's a first!

    Lots of love


  • I am really pleased for you- it sounds as though Ollie is going to be worth his weight in gold ! Neither laugh nor cry just congratulate yourself on making such a wise choice . By the way any chance of renting Ollie for a few days ?

    love Georgepa

  • Most of the time, I am open to any offer, but please remember I am a non working girl, with a hubby on a pension, so can't afford too much dosh to go with him!!!!

    Lots of love


  • Oh Heady, I'm so pleased Ollie was meant to join your family. Enjoy!


  • Isn't it wonderful! this lil pup already knows who does what....It is very good if you can keep this characteristic. My dog was somewhat like this but now she shy's away from B for fear of being fallen on again. I suggest that you reinforce this pups behavior through "rescue training" I believe is what they call it. Anyway it uses dogs who are trained to alarm people through bark about impending emergencies such as diabetes, epilepsy and disabled people who fall and cannot get back up on their own. check your local vet or animal shelter. I hope this note makes sense. Ollie sounds like the perfect dog even with all its puppiness!

    May you all be one big happy family,


  • Excellent news Heady. I have also toyed with getting a dog but couldn't face all the work of coping with a puppy. Does Ollie have a pet passport? Would he like to come on holiday to Turkey?

  • Dogs are very protective. They know when something is wrong and will usually alert someone. Enjoy him Heady, they bring much joy into your life.

    Love and Hugs,

    Auddon (aka Audrey)

  • That is a lovely story, Heady, but I must say that one of the things I most admire about it is that you were taking the time to sit in the garden with a glass of wine to begin with. I find that those are our best times. Just being. Hard to settle, but so good. Being normal. Brava to you for adding Ollie to the mix. love and peace, Easterncedar

  • Thanks Easterncedar. We do try to have a bit of normality! Fail most times, but occasionally we get it right! Certainly having little Ollie around the place, does make us forget life, for a few spilt seconds!!!! Very precious. AND my carpet is slowly getting a thorough cleaning!!!

    Lots of love


  • Great news! Take the rescue course, or get a book from the library about setting limits. Our dog did the same thing without training, and he would sit on Bear's lap for hours. The sicker he got the more vigilant Nelson became. We are now on hospice. Every time a nurse or helper come we have to go through this whole thing with our pup. We got a transition leash for him from Amazon. That works great and I walk him a lot, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, We have to tell him "down" from my husbands lap two out of the three times, until he receives an invitation to come up. He bit the man delivering the hospital bed as he was handing Bear the receipt of delivery to sign. (My husband can't sign, has not been able to for years) . Nelson's knowing we are in charge works wonders. best of luck, your joy will be great with my your pup kid.

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