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Recommend or Like

I emailed the Healthunlocked technical help to ask why some people have a "recommend" button and others "like". They said they were testing out the like button to see what people preferred and soon everyone will have "like". I like "like" 😆 as sometimes posts don't need a reply from me or I can't give a sensible/ suitable one but I think it's good for the writer to know it has been read. Thinking about it, perhaps the button should say "read" in case I don't like what I've read but want the writer to know I've read it. Whew!

To take you away from the dribble I've written above, this is a picture I painted of our son's cat Harvey.

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  • Double Like Picture, Meow!

    However, about the verbiage. Does not like and recommend assume the same thing? If one likes a thought, would they not recommend others to read or contemplate on that thought? We get too bothered by words that really, don't change the meaning. Thank you for asking them (HU) about it though because mine has been using difft words as well...its good to know THEY are making the changes and not others.

    Oh I just reread your comment. I don't know.....I don't want to feel like I have to 'sign on the dotted line' if and when I read a post (most likely gonna comment on it anyway).....does that make sense?:)


  • Wow NannaB what a fantastic painting you are very good, love it wish I could painting. Love Yvonne xxxxxx

  • Yes, you are correct, like and recommend assume the same thing but I wouldn't automatically recommend everything I liked to someone else. I like it but they may not. It's OK. It's not a compulsory button. We don't have to use it. The other day one of my friends was a bit fed up as she said another mutual friend never "liked" her posts on Facebook and had she done something to upset her as she liked everyone else's. Lifes too short to worry about things like that. I told her to go and ask her if she was that worried. A few days later the mutual friend asked both of us if we could have a takeaway at our house. Like was never mentioned.

    So if no one "likes" my posts I'm not going to cry about it.....unless I've had a horrible day then I cry at anything.


  • Yes I understand. speaking of words, compulsory was the word I was looking for but had to describe it instead.....I am glad things were resolved as I guess that is what a "takeaway" does. I need a takeaway with my daughter....she never answers my texts and we seem to feel (I can't think of the word, again) we either don't talk or she feels offended when we do and thus makes arguments as to why she is right....eggshells man eggshells!

  • I have a good relationship with all our sons but they rarely answer my texts so I only text them if it's urgent then I send a copy to our daughters in law as well. It's not because they haven't seen the text as they are on their phones a lot. I rarely phone our eldest son as it is never convenient and he says he will ring back. He does and is on the phone for nearly an hour each time but I did explain to his wife that I wasn't purposely ignoring them but it wasn't worth me ringing them anymore. My mum was very possessive and expected me to phone and see her regularly so I have alway left the boys to decide how much contact they want with us. They know we are here and do keep in touch but a couple of weeks ago I did something I never thought I'd do. My brother and his wife come and see us most weekends but one day rang and said they wouldn't come as they had just seen our son, his wife and inlaws at the garden centre a 10 minute walk away. So I put the kettle on and waited for them to come. They didn't and having had a bad morning and no sleep the night before, felt really down. I text my son, " you don't have to wait for an invitation you know, especially when you are two minutes away". He never replied but the next day he cycled round straight from work with a bouquet of flowers and bottle of wine in his back pack. He said his inlaws wanted to take them to lunch at the garden centre but it was so crowded they drove him and his wifee to a pub in the next town so he couldn't pop in.

    Then I felt guilty at putting him under the pressure my mum used to put me under. Families, what would we do without them but sometimes life gets complicated doesn't it.


  • Your son(s) sound absolutly grand...Yes, my sons will yak with me and have fun at my jokes and sarcasm. They can talk to dad and seem to accept his situation. I try not to push any of them either. I think my daughter may just have a hard time dealing with dad's illness. I REALLY don't push her. I am so pleased with my daughter in laws we indeed have good families I can just see your son riding up with wine and flowers...... :)


  • It's hard for children seeing their parents I'll isn't it. After delivering the wine and flowers he stayed a long time so then I was concerned about him cycling back 6 miles along a busy road as it was getting dark. I kept suggesting he left but he kept talking. One minute I'm annoyed because he didn't come, the next I'm trying to get rid of him. Mad isn't it?


  • He got home safely eh? what a good boy...sounds like my James. He is the one who will pop in, take dad to the movies, ask about the books hes read, catch him before he falls.....He is so nice. John my eldest is wonderful too and he is married and taking care of someone elses he is busy but he will chat as much as possible before he is beckoned home. I guess all we can do is for ever thank God for such gifts as our children . AVB

  • Amen x

  • Read and liked

  • That is beautiful! You are extremely talented!! I LIKE it.😃

  • What a lovely painting, you're very talented!


  • Nanna, talent, what a wonderful thing to have . Wishing you many happy hours painting. Xx

  • Thanks Maddy. I don't do nearly as much as I would like....I wonder why!


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