US carers: apply for $2500 from this fund

I posted this last month - reposting because you may have missed this (did not get many reactions) and it would be a shame to miss out on FREE money, right? :-)

The Cherie Levien Quality of Life Fund was created to allow carepartners to take some time off from the rigors of caregiving while at the same time knowing that professional services are in place for their loved one. Research indicates that even temporary or intermittent relief of caregiving demands can help reduce stress and improve the quality of day-to-day life for carepartners as well as for the person who is suffering with the disease.

CurePSP will collaborate with Griswold Home Care, (, who will provide home-care service for families who have been awarded a grant. Application forms will be available via website and in print.

The grant amount is $2500 and is to be used over the scope of 1 year from approval. Grants are limited and not all applicants will receive a grant; resubmissions are allowed and encouraged.

(Read more via the above link, there are regular submission deadlines - there is also an application form)

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  • If it is anything like a lot of the grants here it is more trouble than it is worth . For 2500.00 if it is a one time grant. The interviews paper work to get it and the follow up paper work to see how it was spent. I would not give it a second look if saw it here. Not mention they grill you like you are trying to milk the system. The idea is nice though. Sorry for the pessimism. I have a very stressful 2 months . Hope 2017 is better for all if us. We need some good news .

  • Well, I thought this would be positive...if you mean the government by 'they', I understand, but it's a grant via the American PSP association - I'm sure they'd help you with paperwork/questions. The fund was set up by someone who died of PSP. Did you read the information on the website? If my dad were in the US, I'd apply for it. $2500 is a lot of money to us.

  • I think we have become jaded. We are in Canada Alberta. It has been a struggle. I would love to hear from someone who got this grant. I was only suggesting that the reason you got little response is because many are still in the process of getting g more permanent funding. If for instance got a one time grant like this it would be considered income and It would be deducted from my monthly care money. I also would loose my cost share exempt status. 50 dollars to my annual income will do that too. Very few are aware of all these things. It is a very strange way of looking at financial planning it has taken me three years to figure it all out. Than you get a new government and now no one knows. Our province has refused to sign the new health accord so there is no money until it is settled. Thanks for the information. It is appreciated. It was nice of this family to offer this and much needed. God bless and Happy New Year.

  • Have you done this lieve....sounds like something several of us here in th eUS could take advantage of. What I would like is some learning about how to get my back in good health....doing the wheel chair thing is wearing me out! But thank you again for this I love

  • No, I am in the US but my dad is in Belgium (no PSP organizations there unfortunately) - I lived with my parents for two years but returned in August - my kids are over here and they needed me (and I them)... I nearly found a job with CurePSP but unfortunately, non profits don't exactly pay high wages, and for NYC quite low... It would have been great to be more involved. So, I don't really know anyone who has applied for this, but CurePSP would, I'm sure, be more than happy to get more information. I'm sorry about your back - it's hard work being a carer, if not mentally, then definitely physically. Best wishes for 2017.

  • I think that's very helpful, Lieve, and thanks for posting. I hope Audrey sees it - I'll mention it to her. Folks do get worn down dealing with red tape. It can be terribly dispiriting to ask for help and be turned down. I count myself incredibly blessed in having help through the VA that is proactive and generous. I suppose it's partially that I am in an underpopulated area, unlike Audrey.

    Anyway, thanks! And how are you and your parents doing now? You are in NYC?

  • You're very welcome. I'm in Princeton, NJ - found work, starting next Monday, I'm very lucky. My dad is slowly getting worse, my mum is coping as best as she can - fortunately, my elder brother has stepped up much more since I left and I try and help from here (mostly by letting my mum vent), it's frustrating being so far away.

    Here's to a peaceful 2017!

  • Post says page does not exist?

  • Webpages get moved about... This is the page with information about the Cherie Levien - the deadline for applying must have been reached. Can't see the application page immediately.

    Found it... If it changes again in three months' time, search their website...

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