How to search this forum for issues

Hi folks

Hopefully this might help someone.

The search engine on this site is poor.

If you want to find something search with Google in you browser and type PSP and the subject.

So you might type

PSP UTI or PSP Urinary infection etc.

I have found this very effective.

Anyone found a better way? I would love to hear.

Best to all


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  • Hi Kevin, I always use google to search, I think it is the best way. Hope Liz and yourself had a lovely day, enjoying the weather? George has tried to get out of bed, sides up, been in there so many times, feels like I am dealing with a child. Let's hope for some more good weather. Yvonne x

  • K1 what could be better than your way.....Google it! ;)

  • Hi AVB

    I m a slow learner - I only just sussed that yesterday.


    I hope things are going as best as they might for you.




  • Thanks Levin hope all is well with you.

    Tillyhugs 🤗

  • Arrh that should be Kevin damned predicted text

  • I'm too ignorant to understand what you are suggesting buy thanks for continuing to provide great technical advice to those without brain damage.

    Much love brother.


  • Just type your search into Google add the word PSP and it will find topics on this forum.

    Hey, age is taking my brain... Slower, but sure as hell.

    Those are heartfelt posts you've written.

    Thanks for being here.

    Love to you too bro'


  • Thanks so much. God does indeed work in mysterious ways. By the way, where in the U.K. do you and Liz reside?.


  • Hi Steve

    I am a northerner with eighteen years in Scotland added in... I now live in just outside London to the North... The weather and gardening is better here too.

    Though I do miss the fells and the splashing becks a great deal and sailing the West Coast of Scotland and the Isles even more.

    Where are you?



  • Originally, Houma, Louisiana, a city of approximately 50,000 souls in Terrebonne Parish (French for "Good Earth" despite the fact that is at least 50% water) which has a total of about 100,000 depending on the state of the oil and gas industry. Houma is about 45 miles southwest of New Orleans. I would be considered as being from "down the bayou" here but "up the bayou" in Houma. Kind of confusing, I know. My home which I had built in the area of Houma called Ouiski (pronounced like whiskey) Bayou where I lived for twenty years was about thirty miles from the Gulf of Mexico, where I often fished. Louisiana's motto is The Sportsman's Paradise. All though Houma will always be my home, it appears it appears that I am destined to die here in New Orleans, the Big Easy.

    Best regards my friend,


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