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Side effects of drugs

Has anyone experienced the compulsive behaviour side effects of taking Mirapexin? My husband has been taking it together with co-beneldopa for over a year but has recently started to exhibit unusual sexual behaviour which he says he cannot help. This is causing problems with him removing his incontinence pads at night resulting in constant wet beds. The consultant has halved the dose but as I don't think the treatment is beneficial anyway, I am hoping he stops it completely, but apparently it shouldn't be stopped suddenly. His behaviour is out of character for him. I am sure this behaviour also had something to do with him pulling his catheter out.

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Hi GP,

Not sure if it helps but my step-dad didn't take Mirapexin, however, he did display similar behaviour with regards to removing his pads and/or conveen at night. He would also wave his walking stick about recklessly and even attempt to get out of a moving car randomnly. It may just be part of the condition. Sorry I can't be of more help.

Good luck!

Take care,

Tree Hugger x


Hi gp,

If you check out some of the Parkinson's sites ( such as, I think) you will notice on the forum that this is a very real problem with this med. At first my hubby was diagnosed with Parkinson's so I researched it some and this drug is standard for their treatment. I have noticed that many drs still prescribe parkinson's meds to PSP patients for mobility. Also check out the side effect web sites for this med. Of course, this is just my guess from what I've read. I do agree with Tree Hugger that all kinds of behavior issues begin to surface, but the Parksinon's forum really has a lot of info about the sexual issues involved with meds. Some of the wives are at their wits end. Can't hurt to look into it a bit.


Hi GP - PSP can mimic FTD behaviors - including sexual behaviors - do some research on FTD and you'll probably get some answers and also know what else could pop up. Pulling a cath out & some OCD behaviors are also common in PSP.


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