Frank has been unwell today, and had to be put to bed. The nurse sent for the Dr, who said after good examination breathing was Cheyne-stokes. BP, temperature all fine. I have left him sleeping peacefully, as he has done all day. I am ten minutes away from the nursing home but unsure whether I should have stopped with him longer. not quite sure what to expect next............. He has bounced back so many times before.

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  • hi kay 1#

    i am sorry about


    i hope he does bounce back .

    i have not heard of cheyne-stokes so will google it

    but my thoughts are with you and your family

    lol JILL



  • Hi Kay,

    My Chris developed Cheyne Stokes breathing about 9 months before he died. The GP told me this was what it was. I had always thought it indicated terminal stages of life but I now understand that it is can indicate yet another change in the muscles used for breathing. I was reassured and the GP prescribed medication to help reduce his stress and help his breathing. it always got worse when he was stressed. my thoughtrs are with you.


  • Teena, thank you for that, we thought it was the end yesterday, but Frank had a restful sleep, and was put in comfortable chair this morning, he had small lunch and cup of tea, and slept most of the time. I have noticed a change in his speech now, there is a lot of gurgling with his words. I will keep in contact through this site as it always provides help and comfort.

  • kay1, so glad to hear Frank had a good restful sleep. Your mind must be a bit more at ease. Remember to take care of yourself through all these worries---I know, not so easy.

  • HI KAY

    i am so glad tooo tha t Frank ha d a bettr ngih(

    (not 4 u tjo it mus tbe so worrying) and difficul tot deal wiht)

    lol JILL


  • Hi Kay,

    Thinking of you and Frank and sending lots of love

    Kathy xoxoxox

  • Thanks Kathy, Frank seems to have turned the corner (again) still on antibiotics, second Dr. has said the breathing was partly due to the famous urine infection. Trouble is with PSP I am finding out, it can creep up and pinch complacency on the bum.

    Hope things are wellish in your corner of the world.


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