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End game?


Bill has taken a turn for the worse. Yesterday he was "asleep" (unconscious?) all day. He will not eat or drink and the health professionals thought he would not get through the night. I am determined that he is not going back to hospital.

I slept in a chair next to him and he is still here. How long can his poor emancipated body go on? I think that he has decided that he has had enough and does not want to be here anymore. Why do we have to just let him suffer?

Love to you all. Kathie

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Oh Kathie my thoughts are with you sending you a big hug xxxxx


Thinking of you, keep strong xx

Kathie this horrible disease is so cruel and unfair on the sufferer and the people who care for them, I'm thinking of you with love, keep strong....xx

Wishing you and your Bill what peace there can be now, and strength for you, Kathie. Thinking of you, Easterncedar

Sending you a big hug Kathie. My thouts and prayers are with you both.


Thinking of you both, best wishes Tim

My thoughts are with you. Hope you both find peace at this terrible time . xx

My heart goes out to you.

Keep strong .

Kathy. X

Sending hugs and strength...


Kathie he won't be suffering for much longer. This is how Chris went last month. Ate and drank less and less and then departed. He was able to talk right to the end and assured us he was in no pain. I am sure it is the same for Bill. Be strong, it will soon be over. Pat

I'm so sorry, I'm thinking of you at this heartbreaking time , xx

I wish you and Bill peace.

Thinking of you both. Love and hugs. Jean x

Thinking of you Kathie and hoping for peace for you and Bill.

Vicki x

So sorry. It's so hard watching loved ones suffer and not being able to do anything to relieve their suffering.

I don't know what else to say, but we are all thinking of you xxx

Thinking of you xx

Thinking of you xx

Oh dear how sad to watch him go through this, stay strong knowing you have done all you can along this horrible journey called PSP. I hope that if the end is near it is a peaceful and pain free for you both, think of it as a privilege to be able to love and support him through it all. Kate xxx

So sorry Kathie, be strong, God Bless, Peter.

Kathie & Bill my heart goes out to you both. Such a horrible disease. Kathie take care of yourself xxxx

Kathie, I'm so sorry to hear. I know I dread those finals days/hours with Kim. Continue to be strong and continue to show him how much you love him. You will both be in my prayers.


Kathie-my heart goes out to you. My mother lasted five days with no water or food. She had a peaceful death with family members that wanted to be with her. We talked with her and one another as if she could hear what we were saying. Quiet activity in the room so that she know we were there. Each day I braced myself as if it would be her last. She was on morphene from Hospice which we used regardless of whether we noticed any pain or discomfort. The last morning my sister, husband and I were there to help her be released from the ravages of PSP. She simply took a last breath and was gone. As much as I hated to see her go there was such a sense of relief as she would no longer be trapped in a body that no longer worked. I would hope that your experience with Bill will be similar. I will send strength to you in the days to come. Be kind to yourself as you send him on his journey. Kath


I am so sorry, my Mom is in the last stages of this disease.....sleeps all day all night....urinates less, does not talk, chokes alot on liquids, cannot walk or feed herself, lost her sight...........extremely stiff, drools alot, is on ativan and morphine. Someday's I just want to scream at the world.....but I will make sure that my mother does not suffer.....I just keep asking myself, why this had to happen to her.............I fear the end is near......Does anyone know what the end is like and what the symptoms are?

Kathie48 in reply to Hidden

Your description applies perfectly to Bill who has CBD. He is slowly fading away but he is calm and comfortable here at home and I know that he is aware of me when I touch him and speak to him.

Just do what you can for your mum but remember to look after yourself.

Thinking of you

Love Kathie

Hidden in reply to Kathie48

Thank you, that is the one thing that i did not do.....look after myself...you are 100% right.....I need to do that........you are doing a wonderful job......May God bless you and your family.

So sorry for you both xx

My thoughts are with you xx

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